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Rock Hounding Blog

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Welcome to our Rock Hounding (or rock hunting) blog.

Our family tries to get out a few times a year to search various locations for rocks, gems and minerals. 

We live in Northern Ontario, Canada, but also do some hunting in Southern Ontario.  So welcome aboard our crazy rock hunting trips and check out where we've been and what we've found.

Some of these pages are still being worked on (that's why you can't click on the links yet).

Also coming:  Detailed information and photos of the rocks we've collected (so you can see up close what you can find when picking).

August 2006
Our first Lake Superior Agate Hunting Trip

May 8 2007
Lake Superior Ontario Agate Rock Hunting Trip

Red Lake Ontario - Old mines in the Red Lake Ontario area

Kyanite Mine Rock Hunting

Pyrite - Scadding Mine - Rock Hounding Trip

Beryl Pit Rock hounding - Southern Ontario

Garnet Rock Hunting - Northern Ontario