Wicked Stones - Handcrafted gemstone jewelry, Gems for your pets, Mirror Magic, Quartz crystal point jewelry, Agate slices, Geodes, charka jewelry,healing gemstones,pagan and wicca jewelry, worry stones, gemstone earrings and more.  Located in Sudbury Ontario, Canada - prices in Canadian funds.

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Customer Reviews and Feedback

Over the years we've received the most wonderful comments and kind words from our customers.  I've decided to post a few of them here so you can get a feel for what folks think of our products and service.  

(I've edited out some of the more personal parts of these notes for privacy reasons.) 

Honestly, some of you guys make me cry when I open my inbox.. in a nice way I mean :)

From a lovely lady: Just wanted you to know how happy I am with my Jasper necklace. I was immediately drawn to it. I didn't know that Jasper has a calming affect on those who wear it. This is definitely an understatement. I do not wish to take it off as it is now a part of me.

Hello! I just received my Cacoxenite Amethyst, and all I can say is WOW! Not only is it more beautiful than shown in the picture, it is much bigger than I expected.  I will absolutely recommend your site to my friends. And thank you for the beautiful Kyanite gift stone. Light and love   Namaste

...the bracelets arrived today and they are gorgeous. Thanks ever so much clearly a lot of thought and care went into them. Very generous of you to include the other goodies too.

Hi Vikki – I received the really special Lemurian crystal pendant yesterday – it’s awesome!  I really feel I have to wear it with intention rather than just as an “accessory”.   And thank you for including the piece of Tektite!  It’s so interesting to think how it was formed.   K

Vikki, that sounds perfect!! That's exactly what he needs :) You are the best, and thanks so much for the gift, that is so sweet :) We can't wait! Clare

Just wanted to let you know the pendant arrived already and I love it !! It is a really pretty crystal and you do very nice work.   Thank you so much,  Michelle

Just wanted to follow up and tell you that I received my items and I am thrilled! Thank You - and I will be a repeat customer for sure. Kellianne

Hello wicked stones!! I just received my package and quite excited...it's beautiful :). Have a great day :) Annick

Hi Vicki, Treasures in my mailbox today! Thank you so much for all the lovely things I've gotten from you over the years! The opal is right up there - absolutely perfect. I have always hesitated about buying online and essentially sight unseen, especially with stones and jewelry. Part of why I choose things is a physical reaction, after all. But now I have trusted you twice and you have definitely not disappointed.  Susanne

    I am so happy with the necklaces and the special one that you gave leaped almost out of the bag. It is amazing. The lenght is perfect I can play with it without strangling myself. lol  I just really want to thank you for making finding these amazing crystals and I look forward to ordering more in the future. Tamara

Hi Vikki : ) Wow ... what can I say. Your jewelry is beautiful. Simple ... yet stunning. Filled with the energy of the precious stones, crystal and the love poured into making them. I Am wearing the chakra necklace since it arrived and already feel the positive energy coming from it.  I know my girls will love them as well. Thank you so very much for the free gift. I am delighted. I look forward to doing future business with you.Wishing you and your a very special Christmas filled with love, laughter, peace and prosperity. Blessings, love and light Patti

Thanks Vikki, I am excited to see your product. My sister bought a necklace from you (she was in a wheel chair) She loves her necklace and hasn't taken it off. Kitty

Good Morning Vikki -Just wanted to let you know I received the package this morning. The crystal is absolutely beautiful!!! My husband is going to be thrilled.Thank you so much!! Carol

Hi Vicki Thankyou very much for having us. Everyone wanted me to tell you that they enjoyed your store and it was a wonderful experience. And thankyou sooo much for the Geodes, they are beautiful!  If I or anyone else I know or meet needs stones I shall send them your way. it was very nice meeting you. Mike

Thanks for your jewelry making session at the AGM of Comhaltas.
Crystal (I spent a day teaching folks how to make Celtic jewelry using wire).

I ordered and received my little Dragon with the amethyst and rose quartz and it's hanging proudly in my little car.Love it ! Thanks and Bright Blessings, Christiann 

Just wanted to follow up and tell you that I received my items and I am thrilled!  Thank You - and I will be a repeat customer for sure.  Enjoy your day

I came across your site when I was trying to find the meaning of Sodalite. Your site is quite cool and I can't wait to know more. Jennifer

Hi Vikki Small world isn't it (small Sudbury)? I checked out your website and love the work. I especially love the car charms to hang from your rear view mirror. Carolin

Good afternoon Vikki, Thank you for mailing the charm so promptly. Your jewelry is breathtaking -  you are very talented.

Cooper and Adamn wearing our pet protection gems
Cooper and Adam - 2 of our favorite furry customers :)
They are modelling our Pet protection line :)

  • Well rock my socks! the Labradorite is beautiful! I thank you so much. .. Jamie

  • I ordered a stunning labrodite necklace from you awhile ago. It's holding up wonderfully and I get compliments on it where ever I go!!!!  - J

  • I received the bracelet last night and it's beautiful. I love it! Thanks also for the crystal, that was very thoughtful. Thanks for your helpfulness. Jennie

  • Hi Vikki I received my order today.  Everything is just beautiful.  And thank you very much for all the extra stones.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Lise

  • thank you so much!!! It's freakin' amazing. And thank you for the geode. it was a wonderful gift and I'll keep it with me always. Keep me posted on new items you've made and so on! I can't wait to see them.~Jamie

  • Dropping by to let you know that the wolf amulet arrived today and it is better than I was expecting, is wonderful and am already wearing it. I can't thank you enough for the quick dispatch of it and for your correspondence and kindness, all of it is gratefully appreciated.Thank you very much Vikki, has been a pleasure.Stuart

  • GOOD evening Vikki  I recived my healing stones today.Wow! You supried me with wondeful Gift from the Earth Thank thank you so much! It's so warm and loving and I love them all.Thank for information list to. This new chapter on my life with New Age I am happy to meet you on my life Thank again and all blessing to you. 

  • Hi Vikki, got my order today as usual everything is just beautiful and the gift was lovely and very thoughtful so thank you. And very timely and apt! The hematite bracelet is gorgeous and I am wearing it with the other bracelet I got from you. Thanks again, so had I found you guys. Hugs
  • Hi Vikki, just to let you know that it arrived today. It is so beautiful! I love it. and thank you so much for the little stone. What a perfect choice for me at the moment! Thank you so much :) Kind regards, Cass
  • Hi Vicki, My lovely pendant was in the mail today. It's perfect. Exactly what I hoped for. Thank you so much for always having just the right ones for me!Take care, S.
  • Hi Vikki, Just wanted to let you know the pendant arrived already and I love it !!  It is a really pretty crystal and you do very nice work. Thank you so much,M


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