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Agate Crystal Meaning

Posted by Vikki Soros on

Agate Crystal meanings

Agate Crystal Meanings and how to use them

Agates are one of those crystals that come a large variety of types shapes, sizes, patterns and colours.  The natural state of agate ranges from silver gray to browns, reds, oranges and other earthy hues and even blues!  

You will also often find them in vibrant shades such as purple, pink, red and green - if your stone looks like it belongs in an Easter basket, chances are it has probably been dyed.  If you see an Agate on my site and it has been dyed? I will be very upfront about it so you know before deciding to bring it home to work with.

When working with Agates you can use them to help you to feel safe and protected.  Carry one with you as you travel or even tuck one in a safe place at your home to help keep negative energies at bay.

When working with prosperity and money energies, this gem can help draw this to you.  

They are also a gem that offers comfort during times of stress and anxiety.  They can help you to feel more grounded (like your feet are firmly planted on the ground) when everything around you is spinning around.  They can be very helpful if you work at a busy location and you find yourself being overwhelmed with what is going on around you.  If you have problems dealing with crowds, carry one with you to help you to discover your personal center of balance and remain calm.

If you meditate, this gemstone crystal can help you to find your center allow your thoughts to slow down and become more at peace.

You can find Agate jewelry in this section of my shop by clicking here.

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