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  • Air Element pagan jewelry.  Sterling silver and Turquoise pentacle pendant by Wicked Stones

Turquoise Sterling Pentacle Necklace


Beautiful Air Element Pentacle Necklace

This is an amazing piece of polished turquoise that I have combined with sterling silver.  The stone is a mixture of rich blues and greens that are flat on both sides with speckles of earth tones now and then. 

The top of your necklace has a gorgeous celtic knot bail and at the bottom dangles a shiny sterling 1/2 wide pentacle.  Your entire pendant measures just over 2 inches long.

Turquoise is a stone that has been associated with the gods and goddesses in cultures from ancient Egypt, China and the Americans.   It was one of the most prized stones in ancient Egypt - it's name actually   means "delight".  Hathor (who was the goddess of love, marriage, dance, joy, music and women) was called the lady of Turquoise.  In this culture it was also linked to the sun gods and considered a stone of re-birth.  The hair of the Sun God Ra was said to have been made of Turquoise.

In early America's it was a male stone of power.  Only warriors could wear it.  In some parts of the world it was only used as an adornment for the statues of male deities.  It was looked upon as a sky stone, a sacred manifestation of the source of creation.

Turquoise will attract prosperity and success - take a piece with you to work or wear it while you are doing your finances.  It also absorbs negative forces and endows wisdom on those who wear it.  Turquoise also increases prophetic powers.  It is said to give access to the collective wisdom of all humankind.  Turquoise also energizes and balances mood swings and is a purification stone that clears electromagnetic smog and protection against pollutants in the environment.  It balances and aligns all the Chakras. Turquoise also helps with exhaustion, depression and panic attacks.

This piece is also for someone wishing to connect with the element of Water or (west). 
Water rules the West – the Autumn months when the rain showers wash away Earth clean.  It is element of the emotions, purification, the subconscious mind, birth and transformation.

Water magic surrounds many aspects such as friendships, fertility, marriage, happiness, sleep, dreaming, healing, psychic acts and much dealing with emotion.   Just as water in the ocean changes and flows, so is our emotional state.

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