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Throat Chakra Jewelry
Express yourself!  Speak your mind!    Be inspired! Have Joy!

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Sodalite wire wrap with a chakra pendant

Throat Chakra wire wrap - Sodalite Gemstone
CKTHS3 - 1 inch long by 3/4 inch wide

Powerfully and deeply blue.. it's so dark in spots.. There are tiny caverns that dot the stone here and there so it has some smooth textures mixed with the odd rough section.  It gives you such a delight to have so much for your fingertips to explore.

The front of your gemstone has a sterling silver charm that is beautifully ornate. This is the symbol for the Throat Chakra. It has been wrapped using sterling silver wire.

You can use this amulet to help balance your Throat Chakra.

Express yourself!  Speak your mind! Be open and honest and be creative with your life. 

Be true to your thoughts and balance your mind and emotions.  

Be inspired!  Have Joy! Have Faith! Bring the will back to you to be just who you are.

Throat Chakra Information

The Throat Chakra is our "will" center and located   in the throat and neck area.  It is how we openly and honestly express ourselves in various ways - speech, art, music and other creative avenues.  We let the universe know our intent with our strong voices.  The Throat Chakra is one of being "true" to our thoughts, needs and idea.  It helps to process information we learn and pass the knowledge along. It is also for organization -   Express yourself!

A block in the Throat Chakra shows up as:

  • Thyroid imbalance and gland issues
  • Mood swings and hyperactivity
  • Mouth, jaw, tongue, neck and shoulder problems
  • Laryngitis
  • Lack of personal expression
  • Lack of creative energy and inspiration
  • Unable to accept criticism or make decisions easily
  • Lack of willpower and authority
  • Lack of faith

You can stimulate your Throat Chakra by opening yourself up to meaningful conversations with others.  Also feeling free to sing (try it in the shower) and being creative. 

Natural Sapphire -  Sterling Silver wire wrap

Natural BLUE Sapphire Corundum -  Sterling Silver wire wrap
Throat Chakra Jewelry
Love - Purity - Commitment - Releasing tension - Serenity
3SHW - Just over 1/2 long by 1/2 inch wide

There are so many surfaces for you to get to know while wearing this gem. This is a natural corundum Sapphire.  That means that this stone grew naturally in this particular hexagon shape.  Mixed with earthy tones are soothing blues that just want to shine when the light hits them.  The stone has not been polished as it is stunning just the way Mother Nature made it. Your gem has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Sapphires are a stone of spiritual healing from higher sources.  It is a useful stone for Reiki healers.  It amplifies healing through the voice or through sacred music (Buddhist or Gregorian chants).  It is a stone of purity of thought and purpose at work.   Sapphires inspire loyalty. It is a stone of new love, commitment and fidelity. If your partner is away for long periods of time, this stone can help you through the rough patches. 

It is a wisdom stone that helps to focus and clam the mind, releasing thoughts and mental tension.  Sapphires help to bring serenity into your life.  It helps to align the spiritual, mental and physical planes and restores balance. Sapphires also help to release depression and when placed on the throat chakra (or worn around that area) it can help you to facilitate self expression.

It is also a stone of prosperity that attracts gifts of all kinds.  A blue Sapphire helps you to seek spiritual truth and it is associated with love and purity. 

lapis lazuli hand made bracelet Lapiz Lazuli Bracelet - Sterling Silver Clasp
Intuition - Harmony - Self Expression - Love - Friendship
BRLPS - 8 inches long

Lapis Lazuli is like an old friend - your favorite pair of jeans that you just adore.  The blue shades are something special indeed!  Soothing blues are combined with vibrant shades and tiny earthy spots.  You'll even find a few golden flecks here and there. Your bracelet has been hand crafted using a very flexible stand of 49 tiny wires (Beadalon).  I've personally tested this product and was able to wear my bracelets for an entire summer (day and night) with comfort.  The clasp is sterling silver.

Lapis has been in our history since 5000 B.C. – in legends this is a holy stone which brought the blue of the sky and with it the “light of the god” down to earth.  The Sumerians believed that this stone contained the spirit of the deities - ancient Egyptians regarded it as the stone of the gods.  Lapis is a stone of intuition and balance – a powerful healing stone for uplifting spirits and combating depression.  It is also good to wear when strengthening one’s immune system. Lapis is a good focus for meditation and increasing clairvoyant abilities.  This stone helps us to contact our spirit guardians and reverse curses.

Wearing it around the home can help bring a feeling of contentment and family loyalty.  It also helps to bring harmony to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our selves and restore any unbalances that can result in depression and lack of purpose.   Once these areas are balanced Lapis helps to bring keep inner self knowledge to light.

It encourages you to take charge of life - promotes self awareness and allows self expression without the need to hold back.  This stone brings the enduring qualities of honesty and compassion to the surface. Lapis is inspiring for all night magic, especially under the stars and for psychic protection and prophetic dreams.  It also bonds relationships in love and friendship.

Polished Blue Lace Agate pendant - made with sterling silver wire wrap Blue Lace Agate - Sterling silver wire wrap
Calming & Nurturing energy - Peace - Reduce anger and negative stress
4BLA -  1 inch long by almost 3/4 wide

This is simply a gorgeous piece of blue Lace agate.  It is extremely smooth to the touch and is like silk against the fingertips.  You can right through this delicately blue gem and you can see tiny patterns inside of your stone.  There is a small dark pocket on the back of your gem (that cant be seen from the front). It shows a tiny speck of treasure that is an earthy shade.  Your gem has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful healing stone that has soft energy that is very calming and helps to bring peace of mind.  It is a powerful nurturing gemstone that helps to neutralize anger and negative stresses.  It helps to assist us with counteracting blocked self-expression and opening yourself up to expression. 

Blue Lace is the stone of "peace" - gentle and calming.. and it can help one to reach high spiritual levels and contains the quality of flight, air, movement and grace.

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