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  • Natural Tektite from space jewelry
  • Tektite gemstone from space wire wrap

Tektite Meteor gemstone pendant necklace for psychic powers


Your fingers are going to really enjoy the tactile experiences you'll receive while holding this stone.   This is a natural Tektite and has a wonderful natural pointed shape to it.  It is smooth in sections and has fabulous tiny grooves that look like the surface of an alien planet might have. It is almost like a midnight strange flower garden of textures.

It is richly dark black with the odd earth coloured section - perhaps this is where the stone hit our planet and tiny sections have been left behind. 
The wire is used is sterling silver.  The size of this tektite is 3/4 inch wide by 1 3/4 inch tall.

This is a natural Tektite (found in China). Tektites are formed when meteors impact our earth. The pressure and heat produced in the impact actually melt the surrounding rocks and minerals in the earth’s crust. These fragments get flung back into the air and as they descend, they cool into glassy rocks. Perhaps there are pieces of outer space (a section of a distant planet, the moon or a passing asteroid) combined in your stone. Some say that this stone helps to connect with healing energies from the guardians of the Pleides (a group of stars within the Taurus constellation).

In ancient times, this stone was associated with the Gods of thunder and lightening (Thor – Viking culture and Jove - Roman culture.) It is an otherworldly stone and also linked to extraterrestrial forces – some say you can carry this stone to avoid being a victim of alien abduction. It is wonderful for working with all star magick and understanding and recalling dreams.   It is considered in some cultures as a stone of wealth and abundance and when not wearing one, you can bury it in a plant near your front and back door to for guarding as well as good luck.

Tektite helps you to look at a situation and see the good in bad in things around you – in turn, this allows you to examine your experiences and release those stressful, undesirable ones (letting go). It helps you to see a new path to take in life. At work, it can help you to see new pathways and find the inner strength to make changes. You have the power within you and all you need to do it find it.  It is also a stone of clairvoyance and communication that allows you to open your third eye to other dimensions. Tektite also balances the male/female energies in your personality.   

The best way to cleanse this stone is to leave it outside in stormy weather when lightening is present in the sky. You can also recharge this stone during meteor storms

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