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  • Sodalite palm stone for helping you through life changes, transition and being able to speak your mind by Wicked Stones
  • You can change your life. Sodalite crystal healing stone to help you through transitions
  • Be creative! Be inspired! Healing sodalite crystal from Wicked Stones

Sodalite Palm Stone - Life changes, creativity, inspiration!


A palm stone is a type of gem that fits into the palm of your hand in a comfortable manner.  This particular gem has a very smooth bottom that rests against the skin and a curver upper area that your fingers can stroke.  Not only is it excellent for holding, it is a good shape to rest on the Throat Chakra to help balance and hormonize this area. 

The colours of your polished sodalite gem are natural - no dye has been used to create this amazing blue shade.  There are light and dark blues that are mixed with cloudy whites and vibrant darker areas.  Even though it is smooth, you will discover tiny areas that have nooks and crannies. 

Your stone wieghs in at 38 grams and measures over 1 1/2 inches by just under 1 1/2 inches and almost 1 inch tall. 

Since the age of antiquity, Sodalite has been known as the stone of artists, musicians, painters and sculptors because of its ability to promote inspiration and creativity.  It has very gentle waves of power that spread through the system.  Sodalite helps to promote self confidence and loyalty in the wearer.   It is also a good stone for those who are facing life changes as retirement or when children leave home to go out on their own.  It will allow the wearer to move creatively to the next phase of their lives.  Sodalite is used in croning/wise woman ceremonies to welcome the wisdom of the later years.

Sodalite helps to open the third eye to see spiritual visions and helps you to find the voice to be able to talk about what you have seen.  It will help you to focus during meditation if your mind is overactive and can be useful in creative visualization techniques.  This is an excellent necklace to wear when trying to balance your Throat Chakra.

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