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Tourmaline - Black


Super Strong Protection and Stress Relief - My ALL time favorite crystal!

Black Tourmaline crystals are one of my favorite go to stones of all time! I personally wear this crystal and it is extremely helpful for super strong protection.  This is protection from negative energy that may be coming your way.  It cleanses and purifies these dense energies and changes them into lighter vibrations.  This energy may be coming from a person, or the energy of a group of people (like at work or in a crowd) or even those you are dealing with over the phone.  It puts a barrier between you and what is coming towards you.

You can be confident and feel your fears slip away.  It grounds your busy energy and increases physical vitality all while dispersing tension and stress. (Who can't use a little bit of that!?)  It promotes a very relaxed positive attitude with rational thought.  It is a fabulous gem to wear when balancing your Root chakra and helping you to feel as if both feet are on the ground when the world spins around you.