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Sapphire Corundum


Attract love, peace and prosperity into your life

Sapphire crystals are a wisdom stone that help to focus and calm the mind, releasing thoughts and mental tension.  They also help to bring serenity into your life while aligning the spiritual, mental and physical planes to help you feel balanced as a whole.  For healing, sapphires are a gem of spiritual healing from higher sources.  It is a useful stone for Reiki healers as it amplifies healing through the voice or through sacred music (Buddhist or Gregorian chants). It is a stone of purity of thought and purpose at work.  

Sapphires inspire loyalty. It is a stone of new love, commitment and fidelity. If your partner is away for long periods of time, this stone can help you through the rough patches.  Sapphires also help to release depression and when placed on the throat chakra it can help you to facilitate self expression.It is also a stone of prosperity that attracts gifts of all kinds. A blue Sapphire helps you to seek spiritual truth and it is associated with love and purity.