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Rutile Quartz



Lift your low feelings and get through the tough times

Look inside the heart of your Rutile Quartz and you will see what appears to look like tiny golden strands.  These strands are made of Titanium Dioxide and can glimmer and shine in certain lights.  Rutile Quartz crystals are a powerful gem that has a great calming effect on the psyche.  It helps to stimulate self healing powers and remove mental blocks that are keeping you from succeeding.  This crystal can help you to lift depressive thoughts and find strength to work through changes in front of you.  You can let go of your past hurts and issues and move forward with your life.  It is also good for getting a good nights sleep.

Rutile is also good for contacting your guardian angels and channeling angelic wisdom. It encourages telepathic abilities and increases clairvoyance.

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