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Meteor and Tetkite


Let go of negative situations - You have the power!

Tektite crystals helps you to look at a situation and see the good in bad in things around you.  By doing this, you can take a hard look at those experiences and release the undesirable ones you no longer need in your life.  There ARE alternate paths if you can see them and you can find the strength to walk upon them.  The power is inside of you, you just need to learn how to tap into this and use it. 

It is also a stone of clairvoyance and communication that allows you to open your third eye to other dimensions.  In ancient times, this stone was associated with Thor, the God of thunder and lightening. It is an otherworldly stone and also linked to extraterrestrial forces – some say you can carry this stone to avoid being a victim of alien abduction. It is wonderful for working with all star magick and understanding and recalling dreams.  

It is considered in some cultures as a stone of wealth and abundance and when not wearing one, you can bury it in a plant near your front and back door to for guarding as well as good luck.