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Transform you life - Heal your Heart

Malachite gems are crystals of transformation that can help you to live your life with more passion and adventure.  You can take risks and break unwanted patterns to change your life.  If you are shy, it can help you to express yourself more comfortably to others.  It is also a stone of protection that helps to cleanse negative vibes and energy from the aura that aids in heart healing.  When feeling lonely and heart sick, use Malachite to help rid yourself of those emotions.  Malachite is associated with a variety of "Love Goddesses"  - Our Lady of the Mountains (in central Russia), Venus and Freyja (the Viking Goddess of Love).

It is a powerful crystal for protective magic especially when you are traveling by air or on the crowded motorways.  Also use it for wishing and prosperity magic especially concerning business matters.  It can also be used for scrying to access other worlds, inner and outer and can assist in receiving insights from the subconscious or messages from the future.


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