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Take a deep breath and be calm.  You can do it!

Howlite gemstone crystals offer a very soothing energy that can calm an over active mind.  This is one of my PERSONAL favorite go to crystals in my collection.  I use it often when I'm overtaxed and just am feeling like I can't take things anymore.  By using this crystal, you may be able to also find patience when you are feeling angry and frustrated, I find it very helpful when I need to be careful not to let those bubbling angry thoughts come out of my mouth when they really want to. 

This stone also helps one to link to spiritual dimensions and opens the mind to receive wisdom or past life information. It can help to encourage you to speak clearly, the emotions you are feeling.  It is excellent for sleep, meditation and for dream recall and to help you to find strength to face situations in life with a strong mind.