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Break Patterns - Reduce Stress - Deal with Emotional Trauma

Fluorite is a beautiful crystal that helps to draw negative energy away from us while protecting us from psychic attacks and energy draining situations.  If you work or are in an area you feel threatened by electromagnetic stress, keep this crystal near.  It is said to help build a shield around you and also protect the aura. Fluorite can also help lower stress, tension and panic vibes.  For meditation, use this gemstone to help calm the mind and busy thoughts.  You can break old patterns that are stopping you from growth and resolutions. 

Specific Colour properties:

Purple Fluorite helps with the above, AND building psychic powers and working with the Third Eye Chakra.

Clear Fluorite helps to enhance the powers of other crystals you are working with and working with the Crown Chakra

Green Fluorite helps you to deal and work through emotional trauma, release negative energies and ground yourself in times of turmoil and stress. You can build your intuition skills with this crystal.