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  • Natural Ruby Corundum pendant in sterling silver

Ruby Corundum Sterling Silver Wire Wrap, Stone for energy, passion, strength, Stress


This Ruby Corundum has intensely beautiful colours! You can see that right away, it's got a pinkish earthy red tone but there is also an area with a splash of deeper red.  This colour is natural and the shape is hexagonal, just as Mother Nature crafted herself.   This gem is not polished, so you get the intense texture and sensation of having a piece of something powerful yet beautiful around your neck.   The weight of your stone is just under 13 grams or 65 carats.

I have hand wrapped it using sterling silver wire and the stone measures 1 inch wide and tall plus 1/4 wide.

Rubies have been called the "tears of the Buddha" In Burma a legend tells a story that all rubies in the world come from an egg laid by a dragon named "Naga".  It is said that Rubies will also darken when danger is near.   Catherine of Aragon's ring darkened just before she was cast aside by her husband King Henry VIII.  Rubies also signify ever lasting love.

A Ruby is a powerful energizing stone that is good for increasing your energy and stamina.  It also helps to release anger and negativity in a creative way.  A Ruby also encourages passion for life and motivation.

A Ruby helps to charge up your passion and keep the fires burning. Wearing a Ruby can also help to increase your profile and will attract money into your life.  If you run a business, this is a good stone to help bring in profit.   Use Ruby in prosperity rituals. It helps you to also retain your new found wealth. Wearing a Ruby also gives you a powerful shield to protect against psychic attack and vampirism of the heart energy.  It promotes positive dreams and clear visualtions.

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