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  • Handcrafted Rhodonite healing gemstone bracelet for helping you to get over past emotional problems
  • Rhodonite healing gemstone jewelry by Wicked Stones in Ontario Canada

Rhodonite Healing Gemstone Bracelet for wounded emotions and protection


Mother Nature can be simply amazing!  This gemstone's beautiful pink colour is totally natural (no dye has been used).  This gemstone bracelet has been hand made by picking the most stunningly beautiful pink and earthy hued beads I could find.  They are silky smooth to the touch and feel fabulous while wearing it against your skin.  It's a very light bracelet so it should not make you feel hindered by weight when being adroned with it.

Tucked between each bead are beautiful silver plate tiny spacer beads and then accented in the middle with shimmering high grade pink Swarovski crystals.  These crystals really catch and bounce the light with incredible beauty.  The clasp and jump ring are in sterling silver.  You will also find 2 very strong sterling silver crimp beads on each end to hold your piece together and a guard on the beading material to help keep your bracelet safe.  I've included a very good photo of the clasp so you can see how it's put together.

Your bracelet has been hand crafted using a very flexible inner cord stand of 49 tiny wires (Beadalon).  The size is 7.5 inches and is not adjustable so please measure your wrist to make sure this will fit you.  You will notice that there is room on the inner cord - there is a purpose for this.  If the beads sit too tightly, it will cause stress on your bracelet and it can break. Having this extra room, allows the stones to move and the inner core to flex properly.

Rhodonite's nick name is the "burning rose" - the fire of this stone is tempered by the softening influence of Venus and the grounding power of the Earth, so it is a slow burning fire that can diffuse stronger less controlled forces.  Rhodon is actually Greek for "rose".  Rhodonite helps you to stop repeating the mistakes that have hurt you in the past and continue to hurt you in the future. 

It can be used as a focus for sending positive energy.  This stone is excellent for healing bruised feelings such as bitterness. It also has supportive energy in cases of emotional self destruction and dependency.  It clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past and has a resonance of forgiveness.  It balances and integrates physical and mental energy, building up confidence and removing confusion.

It encourages patience when others are being inefficient or unusually slow when you are working with them.  Rhodonite is associated with musicians, peacekeepers and those who work in service industries - the reason is that it helps to keep harmony and rhythm.  It is a soothing stone that helps to keep tempers and vocal flare-outs in check. 

It is an emotional balancer and encompasses love and encourages brotherhood of humanity.  Rhodonite has grounding energy that helps to balance Yin and Yang and to achieve one's highest potential.  Psychically, it keeps away negative energy and psychic attacks. It is said to enhance mantra based meditation - aligning the soul more closely to the vibration.

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