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  • Dolomite Root Chakra Bracelet
  • Dolomite Root Chakra Bracelet
  • Dolomite Root Chakra Bracelet

Red Dolomite Root Chakra Bracelet - Sterling Silver


Wow! This bracelet is really stunning!  Every dolomite bead on your bracelet is just over 1/4 inch in diameter and surrounded by tiny sterling silver spacer beads.  They look incredible together and are accented by 2 sparkling pink swarovski crystals near the clasp.  Your bracelet has been hand crafted using a very flexible inner cord stand of 49 tiny wires (Beadalon). 

Each dolomite bead has individual shades and nooks and crannies for your fingers to twist and explore - you'll find deep reds that are dotted with earthy shades.  Please note, this stone has been dyed to create this deep rich red colour. 

You will notice a bit of room between the gems to allow this bracelet to move with you as you wear it.  The clasp is also sterling silver and in a lobster clasp form.  Your bracelet measures 8 inches long so please measure your wrist to ensure it will fit you. It is not ajustable in size.

Dolomite is a very gentle stone with soothing energy that helps to relieve sorrow, hurt, loneliness and anxiety. This gemstone allows you to heal by realizing that everything in life happens for a reason. If you are dealing with energetic or hyper people on a daily basis? This stone can help produce stamina to keep up with everyone. It can also protect you from low self esteem issues.

Dolomite also encourages charitable actions and generosity in both giving and receiving. It also encourages creativity with original thought processes and spontaneity. 

This is a piece of jewlery to wear to help balance your Root Chakra...

Our Root or Base Chakra is the grounding force that connects us to the Earth's energy and helps to empower who we are.  It is located in the base of the spine in the coccyx area. This Chakra helps us to deal with the tasks given to us in the material and physical world.  It gives you the ability to stand up for yourself and feel secure.  This Chakra is our sense of survival and our right to exist.  It is the rock of our on which your entire Chakra system and all the energy in your body rely upon.  This Chakra helps you to keep your feet on the ground and centered.

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