Indy (our cat) wearing a Red Jasper pet protection amulet
Indy and her red Jasper

Each pendant comes ready to hang on your
pet's collar with a small ring.

Wicked Stones - Handcrafted gemstone jewelry, Gems for your pets, healing gemstones
Healing Pet Protection - Gems for your pets

Hand made healing amulets for your pet's collars
Gemstones wrapped in Silver plate Copper core wire

fur-baby-3-cooper-and-adam1.jpg (31945 bytes)
Cooper and Adam - Our guest stars :)

This section has healing gemstones for pets to help calm nervous energy and keep your loved ones feeling at peace.
Calming energy
for Pets

Healing gemstones for your pets when they need a bit more energy in their lives
Gems for Energy and Motivation


Gemstone healing for pets for over all health and balance
Gems for Overall Health and Balance

Pet protection - gemstones to help your pets feel safe and secure
Protection and feelings of Safety

Gemstones to help your pets while they are going through stressfull situations.
Pets Dealing
with Stress

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