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Remove Stress, Feel Confident and Be Creative

Kyanite is a strong crystal to help you to be able to speak your mind with confidence and be able to express yourself clearly.  It helps to remove negative energy that is around you and protect you from it.  If you meditate or practice yoga, wearing Kyanite can help you to be more attuned to what you are trying to accomplish. 

Kyanite is a powerful crystal to help slice through confusion and mental blocks that surround illusions, frustrations, stress and anger.  If you have a phobia that you believe is rooted in a past life, meditate with this stone to help find answers to the questions you are asking yourself. It is a tranquil and powerful transmitter that amplifies high frequency energy that stimulates psychic abilities and intuition.  It can help spiritual energy to manifest in thought.  Kyanite also connects you to your spirit guide - it's vibrations are spiritually grounding.

As an artist, you can use this gem to promote creative energy.  Kyanite also facilitates dream recall and promotes self healing dreams.