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  • Princess Sodalite Mine Sterling silver wire wrap pendant
  • Princess Sodalite Mine Sterling silver wire wrap pendant

Ontario Princess Sodalite Gemstone pendant in Sterling Silver - Canadian healing Gemstone


This is a truly unique piece of Sodalite that originated from a very old collection from Southern Ontario. It has been hand cut and polished to this fabulous square shape.  The front and sides are polished glass smooth and the back is natural (not polished).  The back is smooth but it does not have the ultra shine that the rest has which gives this an incredible texture experience.   The colours are stunning!  Deep blues are crossed with vibrant orange earth tones and dancing white shades.  The shape is really pleasing to the fingers.

So how did this stone come into our collection?  Many years back, we were lucky enough to be able to purchase the remaining stock from a previous owner of the Princess Sodalite Mine that is located in Bancroft Ontario.  This gem was one in many that remained in their collection and we are just now starting to add these limited edition pieces to our shop. It has been hand crafted using sterling silver wire.  Your stone measures 1 1/2 inches long by 1/1 4 inches wide.

A bit of history about this stone: In the year 1901 the Princess of Wales was given a piece of stone from this mine and she simply fell in love with its beauty. Arrangements were made to quarry enough of this gem to decorate her residence in London England (called the Marlborough House.)  This is how the Princess Sodalite Mine found its name.

Since the age of antiquity, Sodalite has been known as the stone of artists, musicians, painters and sculptors because of its ability to promote inspiration and creativity.  It has very gentle waves of power that spread through the system.  Sodalite helps to promote self confidence and loyalty in the wearer.   It is also a good stone for those who are facing life changes as retirement or when children leave home to go out on their own.  It will allow the wearer to move creatively to the next phase of their lives.  Sodalite is used in croning/wise woman ceremonies to welcome the wisdom of the later years.

Sodalite helps to open the third eye to see spiritual visions and the voice to be able to talk about what you have seen.  It will focus meditations if you mind is overactive and useful in creative visualization techniques.

These stones are in limited supply as we only have so many to offer.

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