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  • Natural Baltic Amber pendant - wrapped using sterling silver wire
  • You can really see the honey colours when the light is behind this piece of Baltic Amber.

Natural Baltic Amber Pendant in Sterling Silver - Courage, life changes, Confidence, Healing


Many years ago I recieved a few pieces of Amber from a valued friend and collector.  This is one of them and I've finally decided that it's time to let this piece find a home. 

This is a piece of natural Baltic Amber that was collected on the shores of the Baltic Sea.   It's natural so expect imperfections as it has not been polished or touched by a machine.  There are gentle smooth areas and others spots that dip into the piece revealing silky sensations.  You can see through parts of this piece of Amber - there appears to be a small hole going through one section (very very tiny) that you have to shine a light behind to actually see.  I have hand wrapped your Amber using sterling silver wire and it measures 1 inch tall by almost 1 inch wide.

Please note that you can NOT wear this pendant in a hot shower, or in a humid area - Amber is too soft to be able to withstand the humidity and heat.

Amber is not technically a gemstone – it’s an ancient tree resin that has solidified and turned into a fossil. Because of this, Amber has very strong connections with Mother Earth and is an excellent grounding stone. Called the Honey Stone in ancient China, it was thought that Amber held the souls of many tigers and the power of the sun.   Another Oriental legend claims that Amber is actually drops of a petrified Dragon’s blood. In ancient times, people believed that Amber was formed by the setting rays of the sun. The Vikings called Amber the "tears of Freyja" after their goddess of love.

Amber was used by the Roman gladiators as a protection amulet against danger and fear – it was said to be a stone of courage that helped you face your fears. Amber is also known as the Mother Goddess Stone due to the fact that insects, plants and even tiny animals were found petrified inside its crystals. It was thought that Amber contained the essence of life.

It is a powerful healer that absorbs negative energy and changes them into positive forces that help stimulate personal healing. Amber offers strong protection and also helps you to link to your own personal spirituality.  It has a warm bright light energy that helps keep moods uplifted and positive. Amber helps to clear depression and promote a positive state of mind and creative self expression. If you are having trouble making decisions, keep a piece of Amber with you. It symbolizes great wisdom.

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