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  • Leopard Jasper and sterling silver pendant by wicked stones for power, energy and strength
  • Leopard jasper healing gemstone jewelry in Ontario, canada
  • Leopard Jasper healing gemstone for power, strength and energy by Wicked stones
  • Powerful healing stone jewellery in Ontario, Canada for helping your mind and body to heal.

Leopard Skin Jasper pendant in sterling silver - healing for energy, strength and power


This is a really beautiful polished piece of Leopard skin jasper - there is a lot for both your fingers and eyes to explore and get to know.

First things first, you should know that all the colours you see are totally natural and no dye has been used to achieve the amazing hues you see.  The base colour is a soft earthy pink and there are tiny circles and shapes all over this gem.  These shapes are often outlined with darker colours that range all the way down to almost black.  The surface is a joyful blend of smooth and tiny rough surfaces that change when you approach the circular patterns.  

I have hand wrapped your gem with sterling silver wire and it measures 1 inch by 1 inch.  

Here's a bit about the healing properties of your stone:  

Leopard Skin Jasper:  In Ancient time, Leopard Skin Jasper was considered a Shaman's Stone as it connected with the wisdom of the spiritual power of totem animals.  It was often used (combined with wild cat teeth) for Otherworld travel.

Leopard Jasper is a stone of regeneration and will power.   It can also help bring to you (in life) the things that you need - not the things that you want.

This type of Jasper can also help connect you with the power of the four winds and archetypal animal strengths.  Use if for astral travel while you ride on the back of a wild cat or for amplifying communication with your own feline.   Leopard skin Jasper also helps the wearer connect with his or her power animal totems.

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