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  • Wicked Stones blue Labradorite wire wrap in sterling silver
  • Labradorite wire wrap with blue fire and sterling silver
  • You can really see the blue fire on this piece of Labradorite

Labradorite Sterling Silver Wire Wrap - Banish Negative Fear, Creative energy, Psychic abilities


If you use your imagination you can really see why this piece of Labradorite is so special.  If you have a look at the dark area that adorns the front of this piece, it reminds me of a tiny flying dragon that perhaps, lives in the heart of your stone.

Its wings are spread open and it looks like its soaring from corner to corner of your stone.  It glides across a sea of golden hues, mixed with vibrant green fireworks that are kissed with a hint of blue.  Look down from the top of the stone? And it's a cloud of shimmering blues that are hidden, depending on which way you tilt your piece in the light.  There is so much energy and life....

I have hand wrapped your stone using sterling silver wire and the stone measures just over 1 1/4 inch long by 3/4 inch wide.

Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone and considered the "bringer of light". It raises consciousness and helps to connect us with universal energies. It is a stone of esoteric knowledge that facilitates intuition into the mysteries.  It inspires novice and experience psychics when they feel out of touch with their gifts and also helps to bring creative dreams.   Often used by artists as it helps one to reach inside for their creative spirit through fantasy. It also helps one to banish fears and insecurities.  Labradorite is a wonderful companion for anyone going through life changes.

This is also a gem for your heart chakra.

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