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Attract good fortune and luck into your life

Jade crystals are prized by many cultures as a symbol of serenity and purity.  It's also regarded as a strong crystal to help bring luck and good fortune into your life.  For healing, you could use this gemstone for it's gentle properties to release negative thoughts and soothe your mind.  Jade can help you see the future with new paths and ideas and make some of the boring every day tasks you need to to (in order to achieve your goals) less daunting.  If you are working on trying to remember your dreams and learn from them? Keep this crystal near you while you sleep and when you wake up.

Jade can also repel nasty negative energies that someone is trying to send to you.  It can be especially helpful in group situations in the workplace (or school) where you need to feel safe.  If you work in the garden, Jade helps to encourage the growth of beautiful plants.