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Hand Crafted Pagan Wicca Jewelry

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Which Element calls to you?
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Hand crafted pagan jewelry Earth Element
Earth rules the North – it represents what is stable, solid and dependable. It is been envisioned as the Mother Goddess. Earth is the realm of abundance, prosperity and wealth. It surrounds magic involving money, business, employment, prosperity in all forms, stability, fertility.   Earth energy is the inexhaustible spirit of creation and abundance.



Hand crafted pagan jewelry air Element
Air rules the East - Air is the element of thought, intellect, creation, wisdom and visualization. It lends itself to creative writing, poetry, music, studying, learning and anything that deals in the realm mundane or psychic thought. Air is clear, uncluttered and a powerful tool for visualizing change in your life.



Hand crafted pagan jewelry Fire Element
Fire rules the South – the eternal flame of Spirit. It is the sizzle of creativity - a powerful element of change.   Fire represents the “spark of divinity” which shines within all living things. Magically, it involves energy, sex, healing, removing negative habits, purification, passion, power, protection.  As the phoenix rises from the ashes of what “was” so can you – looking with joy to the new changes.

Hand crafted pagan jewelry Water Element
Water rules the West – the   element of the emotions, purification, the subconscious mind, birth and transformation. Water magic surrounds many aspects such as friendships, fertility, marriage, happiness, sleep, dreaming, healing, psychic acts and much dealing with emotion.





Other Pieces
Hand crafted pagan jewelry Goddess and spiritual









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