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  • Authentic Orthocerra Orthocerida  fossil wire wrap pendant in sterling silver.
  • Back view of Orthocerra Orthocerida pendant
  • Side view of Orthocerra Orthocerida wire wrap fossil pendant

Half polished Orthocerra Fossil pendant necklace in sterling silver wire


This is a natural Orthocerra fossil that has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire. 

There are such amazing patterns on this incredibly old sea creature.  You can see the swooping bands that rest next to a darker section of almost black. There are 2 very distinct sides to this amazing Orthocera fossil pendant.  The front of this fossil has been brought to a smooth shimmering shine that is simply divine for your fingers to explore.  The back is natural and feels somewhat like a soap stone (it's an interesting texture).

This is an actual fossil of an ancient creature called Orthocera or Orthocerida.  The wire is used is sterling silver and this fossil measures 1 1/2 inches long by just over 1 inch wide.

An Orthocera is an ancient marine mollusk that had large eyes and a well developed head.  It lived over 450 million years ago in the late Triassic period.  The surface of this fossil is polished and smooth - there is a lot of great detail.

It's shell was long and straight and somewhat curved.  Some feel that these creatures may have been similar to our modern day squid.   Like modern cephalopods, they would have used jet propulsion to move in the water. Most likely they would not have been very agile with their long bulky shells. 

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