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  • Brazil Crystal - A golden Healer Bridge Quartz Point
  • Wire wrapped golden healer quartz crystal point -  natural crystal in sterling silver wire

Golden Healer & Bridge Quartz Point Necklace


Your crystal is such a beauty!  When you hold it in your hands, you will be able to feel amazingly natural smooth surfaces that are dotted by incredible striping patterns.  The very top of your stone has a cluster of tiny yellow crystals that really sparkle in the sunlight.  This gem measures 1 1/2 inches long by just over 3/4 inch wide.

A single bridge crystal point grows at a 90 degree angle very near the top (you can see it in the photo).  The area right below this crystal has an indentation that almost appears as if the stone could be turned and put back into this area.  This is a natural crystal, which means that you will find nooks and crannies on the surface as this is how Mother Nature created this gem.  The wire is used is sterling silver.

Golden Healer – the yellow gold is caused by another mineral that has covered the stone but you can still see through it. This particular gem can help you to attain and maintain contact with the spiritual worlds. It is a powerful healing gemstone. If you look at the very top of this stone you will see the yellow area.

A bridge crystal has another smaller crystal growing out of the larger one.  This type of stone helps to "bridge" gaps and bring things together for you. In can be used to join the outer and inner world, your higher self to your ego or yourself to another being.  If you are speaking in public, this gem can help you to communicate your ideas to others around you.

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