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  • Sterling Silver Goddess and Rhodonite pendant for helping you to change your life

Goddess Rhodonite Necklace


Sterling silver goddess & Rhodonite

You are going to fall in love with this stunning pink Rhodonite pendant.  It's colours are natural and the patterns of pink and blue are really gorgeous.  Both sides are unique.  I have hand made this pendant with a heavy gauge sterling silver wire and 2 sterling bali beads on the top and bottom. On the bottom is a lovely sterling silver goddess pendant.  It measures 1 1 /2 inches long.

Rhodonite helps you to stop repeating the mistakes that have hurt you in the past and continue to hurt you in the future. 

It can be used as a focus for sending positive energy.  This stone is excellent for healing bruised feelings such as bitterness. It also has supportive energy in cases of emotional self destruction and dependency.  It clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past and has a resonance of forgiveness.  It balances and integrates physical and mental energy, building up confidence and removing confusion.

It encourages patience when others are being inefficient or unusually slow when you are working with them.  Rhodonite is associated with musicians, peacekeepers and those who work in service industries - the reason is that it helps to keep harmony and rhythm.  It is a soothing stone that helps to keep tempers and vocal flare-outs in check. 

It is an emotional balancer and encompasses love and encourages brotherhood of humanity.  Rhodonite has grounding energy that helps to balance Yin and Yang and to achieve one's highest potential.  Psychically, it keeps away negative energy and psychic attacks. It is said to enhance mantra based meditation - aligning the soul more closely to the vibration.

Air rules the East as it is the direction of the most light. This light represents wisdom and consciousness.  Air is the element of thought, intellect, creation, wisdom and visualization. It lends itself to creative writing, poetry, music, studying, learning and anything that deals in the realm mundane or psychic thought.

Air is clear, uncluttered and a powerful tool for visualizing change in your life.

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