Wicked Stones - Handcrafted gemstone jewelry, Gems for your pets, Mirror Magic, Quartz crystal point jewelry, Agate slices, Geodes, charka jewelry,healing gemstones,pagan and wicca jewelry, worry stones, gemstone earrings and more.  Located in Sudbury Ontario, Canada - prices in Canadian funds.

The Folks behind the scenes at Wicked Stones

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Vikki - Gemstone addict and the gal who does all that wire bending to get the jewelry "just right". 
(Has been spotted trading gems for cups of coffee)

Welcome!  The folks here at Wicked stones are real down to earth tree huggers.. we are a family owned business - that means (in a nut shell) that "nothing" we do is big box production.  We create each of our gemstone treasures "One at a time" with love and dedication to high quality.  (That means that once and a while? I'll put a bead in the wrong spot and Rob will have to come and point it out for me - "Hey Vikki.. do you need your glasses?"..

This company was born in the winter of 1999 and through trials and tribulations we've turned a small supper table idea into a full scale retail and wholesale gemstone jewelry business (although at the moment our wholesale is on hold)..

I am the Grand Poobah (that's me in the photo to your left)..and I have a wonderful partner named Rob (photo below).

Both of us share a deep and profound love for stones and treasures that the Earth gives.  Rob is not only my life partner, but a special part of the creation process.  (Oh yes, he does come in handy when going to shows - his muscles are much needed for all the rocks we carry with us!) 

He's my "lifter of heavy objects".

We share our creation process with each member of our family - every individual has their own important part of the business that is their joy.  Our workspace is a fun place to be and often our visitors (and family members!) can't seem to leave as there is such an attraction to the variety of stones.

Be prepared for kindness, generosity and good sense of HahHah when getting to know us.  We love our life and enjoy sharing our dreams with others of like mind.  Our sense of "Monty Python" humor with occasional dashes of "British Sitcom" slides keep everyone on their toes.

Life is about enjoying every moment - every day and every gift given to you.

We live that dream every day.

Rob armstrong from Wicked Stones
This is Rob.. all summer long I can find him working away in our rock lab dabbling with gemstones.... Here's Rob's special page:  Lapidary Guru  - Rob Armstrong

Wicked Stones/Renaissance Market is located in Sudbury Ontario, Canada

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