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Gemstone Jewerly for stress, burn out, dealing with others
and protection from the negative energy around you.

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Natural geode slice wire wrap necklace Natural Geode Wire Wrap - Sterling silver
Helps with Decision Making and Concentration for school and work
CWGE3 - Almost 1/1 2 inches long by 1 1/4 wide

Wow... this is such a pretty Geode...

Where to begin.. when you hold this natural unpolished geode up to the light, the first thing you will notice is that you can see right through many parts of the stone.  You'll delight in the natural beauty.. the stunning early browns and the incredible sparkles that are going to shimmer before you.  The back of the stone is natural (just as you would find it in nature - unpolished) but the front, has been polished so you'll have the wonder of feeling silkily smooth next to the cavern of crystals in the center.

Those while clouds are natural (no dyes in this geode) and they are like soft wings that hug the center cavern of sparkling tiny crystals.  There are hundreds of tiny crystal gems in the center that fold into themselves like a heavenly blanket of stars.  Your geode has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Ancient Egyptians thought that geodes were the eggs of birds.  They are Goddess Symbols.  It is the ultimate shamans stone as geodes help to bring visions and altered states of consciousness.

Geodes help you when you are trying to make decisions in life and are especially helpful for students or anyone with analytical pursuits such as math and science. They are great for helping you to concentrate through those tough homework problems.  Geodes have a cave like center that holds energy and releases it slowly for the wearer. 

They are wonderful protection amulets, aid in spiritual growth and can assist you during Astral Travel

natural unpolished amethyst wire wrap for protection while at work Natural unpolished Amethyst Wire Wrap - Sterling silver
Protection from Technological pollutants - Memory - Intuition/luck

CWAM2 - Almost 3/4 wide by 1 1/4 long

From light to dark, from top to bottom, your unpolished Amethyst is like a stone tear drop of vibrant purple and gentle hues.  These colours look phenomenally beautiful...  Your stone is natural and has not been polished, so it has a unique surface to wear against your skin.   The center of the stone dips inwards, giving your fingers a place to slip and slide your worries and negative thoughts aside....  your stone has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

In Egypt, soldiers went into battle with Amethyst so they would not lose their courage.  Amethyst is also considered the stone of Buddha and is commonly known found in Buddhist prayer beads (found in Tibet).  In Africa is is considered a "rain making" stone and dropped into water by medicine women and men.  Amethyst is used as a protection stone against technological pollutants (such as nagging telephones and faxes, and eye strain when using the computer).    Keep it near you as you work (but not near the sun or it can fade in the rays). 

Amethyst is a powerful psychic enhancer and if you keep it under your pillow at night it will help bring peace while you dream.  It has a high spiritual vibration that keeps you safe from psychic attacks and turning the negative energy into positive.  If you seek higher states of consciousness and meditation, this stone may work wonders with you.  During meditations Amethyst helps to turn thoughts away from the mundane into tranquility and deeper understanding.  It is a stone of new ideas.  Amethyst also assists in memory and improving motivation - a stone of centering that dispels negative emotions.  It can also help to increase your intuition which may increase your personal luck. Amethyst eases headaches and releases tension in the wearer.  Amethyst also helps to cleanse the aura.

Dumortierite wire wrap for keeping organized and standing up for yourself healing gemstone

Dumortierite Wire Wrap - Sterling silver
Helps when dealing with others - YOU are strong - Be Confident in yourself
1DMT - Just over 1 inch by 3/4 inches wide

The richness of this gem can clearly be seen from the photograph, but once it's spotted in person? You will really see the intense beauty this stone has.  It has a deep vibrant blue hue that is accented with dark black patterns that reverberate shimmering lighter shades of blue around them.  It may just just over an inch in length but it's packed with a lot of energy and stunning beauty.  Your stone has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Dumortierite is a wonderful stone when you need to find the strength to stand up for yourself when you need it the most. It is used for overcoming tough situations. It gives you patience and the ability to see the best in those around you. Dumortierite provides you with the courage to assert your true potential and vocalize your thoughts and ideas to others.

This stone also helps you when learning a lot of skills and retaining memory. It helps to enhance organization skills and keep your mind focused and balanced. If you find your days becoming scattered with too much to do? This stone can help you to organize your daily life better.

It also promotes a positive attitude with the strength to cope with panic or fears. You can find the courage in yourself to face things in your life.

Ocean Jasper Wire Wrap to help with work burn out issues healing gemstone jewelry

Ocean Jasper Wire Wrap - Sterling silver
Helps with work burn out syndrome - Balance work and home life - Money stone
9OJW - 1 1/4 long by  3/4 inches wide

The red Rowan berries in the background really bring out the colours in your amazing piece of polished Ocean Jasper.  It is such a gentle mixture of soothing earthy browns and stunning natural circular patterns.  It is as if rain drops from the sky above have fallen onto your gem and made rings upon rings to decorate your stone.  The bottom is like a wave of light to dark browns...the top is a caramel earthy shade that is really beautiful to behold. 

You can see that this particular stone even has a tiny crystal cavern on the right hand side - you can feel the crystals inside of your stone, mixed with the smooth polished surfaces.  It is really a masterpiece of artistry.

Your Ocean Jasper has been wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Ocean Jasper signifies that new energies are coming into your life.   It also helps you to accept the responsibilities that are handed to you and give you the patience to deal with new things.   It is a soothing gem that helps you to learn to love who you are, to heal wounded emotions and to help bring you a state of peace of mind.

Eastern European cultures consider this gem to be a "rain making stone" and is often referred to as a "moon gem" because the orbs resemble the craters of the moon.  It keeps you protected and safe.  It can help you to balance your work and home life and prevent overwork burnout. 

Ocean Jasper is also a wonderful stone to help you to feel interconnected to Nature.  Ocean Jasper is also a lucky stone and helps to attract money into your life.

Green flourite gemstone for dealing with work stress Green and white Fluorite - Sterling Silver Wire
Helps when there is a lot of negative energy around you - Balance
6FLUW  - Just over 1 inch long by 1 inch wide

The shades of green with your piece of Fluorite are so soothing to behold.  It starts with a dazzling white and works its way to the bottom point to a soothing gentle green.   There is a line that is almost like a cloud that separates the two shades... its such a peaceful banding of colours that its just sings out "relax"... 

Your stone has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Green Fluorite is especially helpful when trying to ground excess energy and work through emotional trauma - it does this by releasing the energy surrounding the situation. 

This type of stone can help you to tap into your subconscious mind to work with your intuition skills.  It helps to remove auric, mental and charka obsolete conditioning that you no longer need in your life.

black and green amazonite wire wrap pendant with swarovski crystals Black and Green Amazonite Wire Wrap - Sterling Silver
Prevents work burn out - Life Changes - Builds Confidence
4AZT - 1 1/4 inches long by 1 inch wide

This is such a lovely gem that you can wear with either side facing out. It is a beautiful mixture of soothing greens that are touched by darker hues that range into a deep rich black.  Matching that, is a single sparkling black swarovski crystal adorned with a sterling floral bead.   When you hold your smooth gem up to the light, you can see through various parts to the inner heart of your gem.  It is like carrying around a piece of the soothing sky as the clouds drift by on a relaxing day. 

Your pendant has been put together using sterling silver wire.

In olden days, Amazonite was called the "stone of Courage" and was named after the Amazon women warriors.  Amazonite is a very soothing stone that helps to calm the brain and nervous system and promotes joy of life and confidence.  It helps to balance the female and male aspects of the personality and to helps you to see from different points of view. 

It also soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry, fear and dispelling negative energy and aggravation. This stone helps to reduce anger and irritability in the home and helps to prevent people bringing work or school related problems home with them.  If you are at work or at school? Amazonite can help you to focus and make sure you are at the right place at the right time.

Amazonite is excellent for working with natural forces such as nature spirits.  It is useful in weather and animal magic and for contacting water and earth spirits.  It also helps to increase clairvoyant and telepathic abilities.   Amazonite is a good stone to help attract good luck and wealth.   A money stone.  It soothes all the Chakra and is particularly rejuvenating to the heart center and throat Chakra.  It enhances communications concerning love.

natural black tournmaline wire wrap from tibet Tourmaline from Tibet - Sterling Wire Wrap
Protection against computers (electronic smog) - Removes negative energy - Sheilding
(Or everyone at work is bugging me and bringing me down)
2NBT- 3/4 inches long by just under 1/2 inch wide

A slight *twist* with this piece is the coilded bail at the very top of your gem.  Hancrafted using sterling silver wire, this incredible natural gemstone is a joy on the fingertips! It's natural (unpolished) and even so? It has a lovely finish that gives your fingertips joy to experience.  It has rich shiny jet black surfaces are touched with groves and patterns to explore. 

Tourmaline is a cleansing stone that purifies and transforms dense energy into lighter vibrations.  It also grounds spiritual energy and balances and clears all the Chakra - forming a protective shield around the body. Tourmaline is a shamanic stone that offers protection during rituals and can be used for scrying.  In ancient times it was used to point to the culprit (or cause, in times of trouble) and to indicate a good direction in which to move.

This stone helps to clear and remove blockages and disperse negative energy. It helps you to understand yourself and promotes self confidence while diminishing fears.  Tourmaline is also a very Earth stone that helps to connect you with the garden and plants that exist around you.

Black Tourmaline is particularly helpful for protection against cell phones, electromagnetic smog, radiation, ill-wishes, psychic attacks and negative energy of all kinds.  It grounds energy and increases physical vitality all while dispersing tension and stress.  It promotes a very relaxed positive attitude with rational thought.

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