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Gemstone Jewelry for Strength, Energy and Power

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Leopard Jasper wire wrap for helping to find will power

Leopard Jasper Wire Wrap - Sterling silver wire
Will Power - Regeneration
1LPW - 1 1/4 inch tall by 1 inch wide

Mother nature must have been attending a party when she created the amazing colours and patterns that Leopard Jasper is blessed with.  These colours are incredible and the patterns are so filled with joyful shapes... earthy tones are mixed with gentle reddish pinks that dance with spirals of blacks and dots of orange reds...  Each side of your stone is unique and is really something to behold. 

Your gemstone has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

In Ancient time, Leopard Skin Jasper was considered a Shaman's Stone as it connected with the wisdom of the spiritual power of totem animals.  It was often used (combined with wild cat teeth) for Otherworld travel.

Leopard Jasper is a stone of regeneration and will power.   It can also help bring to you (in life) the things that you need - not the things that you want.

This type of Jasper can also help connect you with the power of the four winds and archetypal animal strengths.  Use if for astral travel while you ride on the back of a wild cat or for amplifying communication with your own feline.   Leopard skin Jasper also helps the wearer connect with his or her power animal totems. 

Flame agate wire wrap

Flame Agate - Sterling Silver Wire Wrap
Physical Vitality - Transition - Clarity - Seeking
1FLM - 3/4 inches long by 3/4 wide

Sometimes I tap the keyboard trying to find the right words to describe a stone. With this piece of polished Flame Agate, I'm encountering that issue.  How do I describe the truly incredible beauty this gem has? It is a mixture of vibrant reds that are accented with oranges and earthy browns.. all hugging a powerful white column of clouds.  There are even blue gray shades that peek out here and there.  Its energy! Its life.. its awesome!!

Your flame agate has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Flame Agate helps to renew passion in one’s life and enhance physical vitality.  It also helps during states of transition to enhance understanding. It gives you clarity during these changes.

This type of Agate also helps to stimulate attentiveness.  

Flame Agate also provides you with the ability and openness to seek the light and the hope of the eternal.

Double cirtine natural point wire wrap necklace

Double natural Citrine Point - Sterling silver necklace
Energy - Prosperity - Transformation - Protection - Self esteem and confidence
1CTPT - 1 1/4 inches long by just over 1/2 wide

Vitality and energy! This gem is just a tiny powerhouse of vibrant colour and texture.  You are looking at a natural Citrine crystal point that is an amazing mixture of rich powerful gold hues accented by lighter shades that twinkle all the way to a crown of white.  Each point of your stone is unique - filled with glorious patterns and whisks of gold that twinkle, dazzle and amaze the eyes.  There is even a tiny rainbow in one of the crystal points.  This is truly a breathtaking gem.  It has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Citrine has been nick named the "Sun Stone" as it is said to hold pure sunlight and never absorbs any negativity.  It is the stone of Mercury (a Roman messenger god) that holds the clear sunlight of the early morning. It has been regarded as the "Merchant's Stone" as well, as it is famed to improve communication which increases selling power and for attracting money.  Now a days we place these stones near our cash registers or next to our computers.  It is also an excellent stone for prosperity rituals.  Citrine also helps to clear away any dark spots on the home that are caused by restless spirits or negative earth energy.  It drives away the darkness and fears and protects you against negative people.  It is a powerful cleanser and regenerator and protects the aura.  This stone also helps you to be more intuitive and distinguish between free-floating anxiety and your inner voice that is there to advise you on the right course of action.  It draws wisdom from the collective memory banks through your own psychic powers.  Citrine can help you to visualize your desired goal and bring it to light. 

Citrine does not absorb negative energy, it transforms it to positive.  In this manner it can keep on energizing and protecting you for long periods of time.  It raises self esteem and self confidence, removing destructive tendencies.  Citrine also motivates you and activates your personal creativity and encourages self expression.  It makes you less sensitive to criticism and encourages acting on constructive feedback.  This stone can help you to enjoy new experiences and encourage exploration of new avenues.  Mentally, Citrine revitalizes our minds and is excellent for overcoming depression, fears and phobias.  It promotes an inner calmness so that the wisdom inside can rise up. It can also help you to verbalize your inner thoughts and feelings more clearly.  It is joy of life and invigoration!

Natural Ruby Corundum necklace

Natural Ruby Corundum - Sterling Silver wire wrap
Strength - Energy - Mood Lifting - Reduces anxiety - Good luck
2CRB - 1 inch long by 1 inch wide

Yes folks, this is a real and natural Ruby Corundum.  It's shape is hexagonal, just as mother nature intended. It's textures are incredible as it is unpolished and just fabulous to explore with your fingertips. On one side, it is flat, on the other, you can see a distinct raised triangle pyramid shape.  The colours are very soft - a mixture of earthy purplish reds, with dashes of black here and there.  Holding a light behind your gem, gives off its true inner beauty.  Suddenly you will see amazingly deep colours! It is almost like a reflection of our own hidden deep beauty that is filled with power, strength and energy - just waiting to be tapped into.

Natural Ruby Corundum pendant necklace Your stone has been carefully wrapped using sterling silver wire and you can pick which type of necklace you desire when ordering.

Rubies have been called the "tears of the Buddha" In Burma a legend tells a story that all rubies in the world come from an egg laid by a dragon named "Naga".  It is said that Rubies will also darken when danger is near.   Catherine of Aragon's ring darkened just before she was cast aside by her husband King Henry VIII.  Rubies also signify ever lasting love.

A Ruby is a powerful energizing stone that is good for increasing your energy and stamina.  It also helps to release anger and negativity in a creative way.  A Ruby also encourages passion for life and motivation. A Ruby helps to charge up your passion and keep the fires burning.  Wearing a Ruby can also help to increase your profile and will attract money into your life.  If you run a business, this is a good stone to help bring in profit.  Use Ruby in prosperity rituals. It helps you to also retain your new found wealth.

Wearing a Ruby also gives you a powerful shield to protect against psychic attack and vampirism of the heart energy.  It promotes positive dreams and clear visualtions. 

Red Jasper wire wrap pendant Red Jasper Wire Wrap
Protection - Energy Boost - Vitality - Courage
2RJW - 1 inch by just over 1/2 inch

Your Red Jasper is like a puzzle that you carry with you everywhere you go.  It has the most incredible patterns - you can see the way the red shades break apart and the white and earth tones shimmer underneath.  The entire stone is just like that.  There are darker and lighter areas that go around and around giving you a glamorous view to the inner heart of your stone.  It is very smooth to the touch and like silk next to the skin.

It has been wrapped in sterling silver wire.

Jasper is a very strong power stone.  In the middle ages it was called the “Warriors Stone” and is good for combating exhaustion and for maintaining physical stamina. In Teutonic legend, the hilt of the magical sword of Siegfried (the dragon slayer and ill fated lover of the mystic Brunhild) was inlaid with red jasper to give him courage. 

Red Jasper has a stabilizing effect on the wearer’s energy keeping them calm and balanced. It gets you going on days you need a little extra boost and the ability to stay focused no matter what the day throws at you.  It is also worn to help promote independence and a sense of  responsibility. Red Jasper is also used to help enhance dream recall. Red Jasper is a powerful protection stone against psychic and physical threats and will return negative energy to the sender.   It is a powerful focus for "intimate magic" for increasing passion in lovers.

Shiva Lingam river collected gemstone wire wrap pendant

Shiva Lingam Wire Wrap
Energy - Healing - Vitality - Letting go of things
1SHL - 1 3/4 inches long by 1/2 wide

Your fingers will simply be delighted by the smooth surface that your Lingam stone has - this gem has been polished by the very waters of the river it was collected from in Western India.  These soothing colours are earthy brown that range from gray tan to deep chocolate tones.   There are also tiny speckles here and there of the chocolate shades that decorate your stone.  It has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

The Shiva Lingam is a stone that has been collected in Western India in a river located at one of this country’s most holy sites. They are gathered by hand from the water and polished. They are a powerful healer to help improve your overall health and they stimulate the energy system of the entire body. You may notice a variation of its vibrations depending on where you use it against the body as it is both a feminine and masculine gem.

It is wonderful for boosting your vitality and feeling energized.

It is also considered a symbol of the Hindu God, Shiva – the Shiva represents both female and male energy and the cosmic egg in which all creation emerged.

This stone also helps you to look inwards to release things that you have outgrown and are clinging to. It can also help you to let go of childhood painful memories and open your heart to new experiences.

The Shiva Lingam is also a stone which is used for sexual energy – its dual colour areas of the stone (light and dark) represent the union of masculine and female energies – this makes it excellent for sexual healing. You can also use this gem to help reclaim your female energy (after a termination of a relationship) to move forward with a new partner. It is a wonderful stone for partnership.

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