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Protection and Healing Gemstone Jewelry

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Black Tibet Tourmaline necklace - strong protection and letting go of stress and tension Tibet Tourmaline - Sterling Silver wire wrap necklace
Strong protection - Cleansing of Negative energy - Confidence - Removes Tension
5PTUW - over 1 inch long by 1 inch wide

Deeply dark and rich, this is a polished piece of Tourmaline that was collected in Tibet.  Tourmaline has a unique finish to it when it is polished - you can see from the photo that is has numerous nooks and crannies that your fingers can discover while you are wearing it.  Even with these crannies, the surface has richness and smoothness that you will adore.  This is not a flaw in the gemstone, this is how this particular stone seems to want to be finished.  I have hand wrapped this gem using sterling silver wire. 

Tourmaline is a cleansing stone that purifies and transforms dense energy into lighter vibrations.  It also grounds spiritual energy and balances and clears all the Chakra - forming a protective shield around the body.  Tourmaline is a shamanic stone that offers protection during rituals and can be used for scrying.  In ancient times it was used to point to the culprit (or cause, in times of trouble) and to indicate a good direction in which to move.

This stone helps to clear and remove blockages and disperse negative energy. It helps you to understand yourself and promotes self confidence while diminishing fears.  Tourmaline is also a very Earth stone that helps to connect you with the garden and plants that exist around you.

Black Tourmaline is particularly helpful for protection against cell phones, electromagnetic smog, radiation, ill-wishes, psychic attacks and negative energy of all kinds.   It grounds energy and increases physical vitality all while dispersing tension and stress.  It promotes a very relaxed positive attitude with rational thought.

Starry star jasper wire wrap jasper with pyrite

Starry Jasper Wire Wrap
Life changes - Joy in every moment - Harmony - Protection
WWSTJ1 - 3/4 inches long by almost 3/4 inches across

Sparkles! Sparkles! Wow!  Your piece of polished Starry Jasper has incredible golden Pyrite sparkles that dance in the sunbeams before your eyes.   There is such a powerful mixture of deep earthy reds and golden pyrites with black banding and lighter red patterns.  It is a smorgesborge for the senses!!  The pyrite patterns go all the way around this gemstone creating a rich majestic feast for the eyes.

Your stone has been wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Starry Jasper is a wonderful stone for helping to inspire and motivate yourself with changes in life. It gives you a clearer head for making decisions and finding the right path to take while helping you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. You can find strength and stability within. You can find joy in every the simple moments of your day and accept the circumstances around you as they are.

This stone can help you to see that life is a teacher and all that you are going through is a part of your personal growth. Starry Jasper can help you to go with the flow of life and be in universal harmony. This gem also is also a powerful protection stone that shields you from negative energies. It can help you to see past facades and into the true meaning of the words and deeds of those around you.

Blue Aquamarine -  Sterling Silver wire wrap

Blue Aquamarine -  Sterling Silver wire wrap
For your Throat Chakra
Calming energy - Reducing Stress - Expression - Protection
2AQM -  1 tall by just over 1/2 wide

Like water droplets in an ocean of waves... your polished Aquamarine has a lot of character.  You can see the little circular shapes that dance around this gem looking as if they are small caverns of darker hues of blue...that peer into the very heart of your gem.  It is actually very nicely polished on the front and has a few smaller areas that have grooves for your fingers to enjoy and explore.  The blues are incredible! They are so stunning in the sunbeams and really have the most amazing shades of light to dark blue.  You'll even discover sparkles if the light is just right.

Your polished gem has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Legend speaks that Aquamarine was believed to contain the "power of the sea".  Because of this, it was dedicated to a number of sea goddesses (Aphrodite for example - who's name means "born of the foam.")   Sailors used this stone as a protection amulet to keep them safe from storms and to bring them home safely.

Aquamarine helps to increase intuition and open your mind to psychic awareness and clairvoyance.  If you are meditating, this stone can help you to visualize.  It helps to calm the mind, removing outside thoughts that keep getting in the way of what you are trying to achieve.

This gentle blue green stone is also wonderful for reducing stress in life and giving you the courage to take new journeys.  It can help you to unblock communication and promote your own self expression (this can a journey in itself).   Aquamarine also shields the aura and helps to align the Chakra.

Brown Tigers eye necklace wire wrap Brown Tigers Eye - Sterling Silver Wire
Protection - Lifts Depression -

2BTY - Just over 1 inch long by 3/4 inch wide

Even without the strong sunlight on this gem, you can really see the amazing eye patterns this Tigers Eye has.  It is a mixture of strong golden browns, highlighted with bright golds, smoky browns and deeper shades of each.  It is not a perfect gem - there is a small pucker you can see on the bottom left and one on the back of the stone.  We all have puckers :) But everyone also has beauty and strength - just like this gem has.  It has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

A tigers eye shimmers in the light and its beauty is unique to each stone. Tigers Eye is associated with large cats (or the Tiger) who is the king of beasts in Eastern myth. In Japan, the tiger was believed to live for over a thousand years and Roman soldiers carried tiger's eye to uphold their bravery during battle. It is a stone of luck, money, happiness, success, health and fulfillment as it helps you to be open to new ideas, changes and events. It can also help entrepreneurs with business skills that will help bring in financial security. Use it in all types of prosperity rituals or for scrying by candlelight or sunlight. Tigers Eye also is an excellent protection stone that keeps the "evil eye" away. It was traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishes and curses

Carry one when you are going to be facing a potential verbal, mental or psychic attacks by someone in a position of power or those who have influence over you. .When using this stone, breathe in the power of the golden light and allow it to create the aura of a tiger so it will turn back all those attempting harm upon you

It combines Earth energy with the energy of the sun to create a high vibrational state that is nevertheless grounded - drawing spiritual energies to the earth. Tigers eye also helps you to feel more relaxed when the world around you seems "spooky" and filled with powerful psychic energies or spirits. It prevents your energy from being drained by others.

Tigers Eye is a good stone for lifting depression and increasing concentration. It helps to heal issues of self worth, self criticism and blocked creativity. This stone can help you to recognize your talents and abilities and to changes that need to be taken to overcome the blocks.

Green ocean jasper necklace wire wrap

Ocean Jasper Wire Wrap - In the Woods Green
Protection - Balance in life - Helping to prevent work burn-out
OJW7 - just under 1 inch long by just under 3/4 inches wide

Even with its size of only 1 inch long, your beautiful Ocean Jasper gem packs a lot of punch! There are the most incredible patterns adorning your stone in mixtures of forest green and earthy tones.   All these colours are natural and the stunning designs as well.  The lovely greens are accented by a rich gray tone that really compliments the stone in such a fabulous way. Along side of these amazing circular patters are subtle banding that makes it seem like a river has moved over and around everything.  Awe inspiring indeed!!

Your stone has been wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Ocean Jasper signifies that new energies are coming into your life.   It also helps you to accept the responsibilities that are handed to you and give you the patience to deal with new things.   It is a soothing gem that helps you to learn to love who you are, to heal wounded emotions and to help bring you a state of peace of mind.  Eastern European cultures consider this gem to be a "rain making stone" and is often referred to as a "moon gem" because the orbs resemble the craters of the moon. 

It keeps you protected and safe.  It can help you to balance your work and home life and prevent overwork burnout. 

Ocean Jasper is also a wonderful stone to help you to feel interconnected to Nature.  Ocean Jasper is also a lucky stone and helps to attract money into your life.

beautiful banded agate round pendant large

Banded Coloured Agate (LARGE)  Wire Wrap
Protection - Abundance and prosperity - Balance
1CAGTM - Over 1 1/2 inches around by over 1/4 wide

YOWSA! If you love to wear larger pieces of jewelry, this stone has you in mind.  This is a larger piece measuring over 1 1/2 inches around and is ALSO 1/4 inch wide.  When you turn the stone to the side and look at it this way, there is a lot of gem to explore!   It also have some weight to it, so bear that in mind when you are looking at this beautiful piece.

The stone itself is a tapestry of colours and patterns that are really amazing to behold.  It is almost like coloured sandhill mountains that have moved with the wind over time to create fabulous patterns.  This stone has been dyed to create these colours and you can see the majesty of the stone in every turn as its natural patterns reside inside.

Agates help the wearer feel protected and are especially powerful for children.  If you are in need of a bit of luck? An agate may just be what you need.  They help to bring about prosperity.  Agates also help to ground you (make you feel as if you have both feet on the ground) and help to center your mind and emotions.   Basically they help to balance the Yin and Yang. 

In ancient Egypt, Agates were used to make the famous Scarabs that are found in the tombs of royalty.

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