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Gemstone Jewelry for Luck and Abundance
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Natural Ruby Corundum - Sterling Silver wire wrap

Natural Ruby Corundum - Sterling Silver wire wrap
Good luck, Abundance, Reduces Anxiety, Protection, Strength, Energy
3CRB - 1  inch tall by 1 inch wide and over 1/4 deep

Wow! This Ruby Corundum has intensely beautiful colours! You can see that right away, it's got a pinkish earthy red tone but there is also an area with a splash of deeper red.  This colour is natural and the shape is hexagonal, just as Mother Nature crafted herself.   This gem is not polished, so you get the intense texture and sensation of having a piece of something powerful yet beautiful around your neck.   The weight of your stone is just under 13 grams or 65 carats.

Natural Ruby Corundum - Sterling Silver wire wrap

I have also included a side view photo so you can see just how lovely and wide your gem is.  I have hand wrapped it using sterling silver wire and it comes ready to wear on the necklace of your choice.

Rubies have been called the "tears of the Buddha" In Burma a legend tells a story that all rubies in the world come from an egg laid by a dragon named "Naga".  It is said that Rubies will also darken when danger is near.   Catherine of Aragon's ring darkened just before she was cast aside by her husband King Henry VIII.  Rubies also signify ever lasting love.

A Ruby is a powerful energizing stone that is good for increasing your energy and stamina.  It also helps to release anger and negativity in a creative way.  A Ruby also encourages passion for life and motivation.

A Ruby helps to charge up your passion and keep the fires burning. Wearing a Ruby can also help to increase your profile and will attract money into your life.  If you run a business, this is a good stone to help bring in profit.   Use Ruby in prosperity rituals. It helps you to also retain your new found wealth. Wearing a Ruby also gives you a powerful shield to protect against psychic attack and vampirism of the heart energy.  It promotes positive dreams and clear visualtions. 


Natural Green Tourmaline wire wrap with sterling silver wire Natural Green Tourmaline Pendant necklace- Sterling Silver Wire
Transforms negative to positive - dispels fears - abundance - Sleep aid - Detoxifier
GT10 -  1  inch long by just over 1/2 wide

I've picked up quite a few pieces of Green Tourmaline in my travels, and this one is one to go "oooo" over for sure!  You can see by the photos that this is a gem grade piece that has an incredible translucence to it - you can really see the rich mossy deep greens that this gem has hidden deep inside of itself.  It is a stunning gem and the entire piece (including the sterling silver wire used) comes in at just over 5 grams in weight.

The sterling silver wire used for this piece has a thicker dimension to it that adds to the beauty of the pendant.  You can choose to have your stone on a leather cord with a silver tone clasp OR a ribbon you can slip over your head. Just let me know when ordering which you would prefer.

rich natural green tourmaline wire wrap pendant

Green Tourmaline is an excellent healing stone and assists with visualization. It also promotes compassion, tenderness and patience.

It transforms negative energy to positive, dispels fears and enhances creativity. Green Tourmaline also is worn for prosperity and abundance. It is a wonderful earth stone and helps with healing of this type.

It also aids in sleep and enhances the immune system. It is a powerful detoxifier.

Ocean Jasper Wire Wrap Ocean Jasper Wire Wrap
Luck - Abundance - Protection - Balance in life - Helping to prevent work burn-out
OJW6 - Just under 1 inch long by just under 3/4 inches wide

Both front and back or your incredible Ocean Jasper are unique patterns - you could wear it either way as both sides are truly fascinating!  The stone starts off with a creamy white and is accented by natural circular patterns that are almost like eyes.  Every circle is entwined with colour that goes around and around and smaller and smaller.  There is so much stunning splendor everywhere you look at this stone.

Your Ocean Jasper has been wrapped using sterling silver wire. 

Ocean Jasper signifies that new energies are coming into your life.   It also helps you to accept the responsibilities that are handed to you and give you the patience to deal with new things.   It is a soothing gem that helps you to learn to love who you are, to heal wounded emotions and to help bring you a state of peace of mind.

Eastern European cultures consider this gem to be a "rain making stone" and is often referred to as a "moon gem" because the orbs resemble the craters of the moon.  It keeps you protected and safe.  It can help you to balance your work and home life and prevent overwork burnout. 

Ocean Jasper is also a wonderful stone to help you to feel interconnected to Nature.  Ocean Jasper is also a lucky stone and helps to attract money into your life.

Laker Lake Superior Agate wire wrap
This gorgeous stone has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.   It has been semi polished in our own rock shop to a marvelous finish that still holds some of the rocks textures that you can explore.


Superior Agate ( Laker ) - Wire Wrap
Protection - Luck - Prosperity - Grounding Energy - Balance
1LSAW - 1 1/4 long x 3/4 inch wide

We lucked in recently and found a cache of Lake Superior Agates (or Lakers) and are delighted to be able to offer these treasures up for grabs.  Your Laker came from the Northern Shores of Lake Superior (from a private collector) and has the most amazing banding.  You can see from the photo below, the beautiful small section of gray and red bands.  One side of the stone has a lovely translucent area where you can see partially through the gem itself... and one area has tiny pockets you can run your fingers over.  There are a lot of individual areas you can explore while wearing this incredible stone.

Laker Lake Superior Agate wire wrap
You can see the beautiful brown and red banding your stone has.

Laker Lake Superior Agate wire wrap
Another view of your Laker

Agates help the wearer feel protected and is especially powerful for children.  If you are in need of a bit of luck? An agate may just be what you need.  They help to bring about prosperity.  Agates also help to ground you (make you feel as if you have both feet on the ground) and helps to center your mind and emotions.   Basically they help to balance the Yin and Yang. In ancient Egypt, Agates were used to make the famous Scarabs that are found in the tombs of royalty

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