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Gemstones Jewelry to help bring Love, Friendship and Passion into your life

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Pink healing rose quartz jewelry wire wrap for healing the heart and attracting love Rose Quartz - Sterling Silver wire wrap
Love - Friendship - Peace - Protection - Gentle Healing
4RQW - 1 inch by 1 inch wide

Your fingers are going to fall madly in love with this gem.. and your eyes are going to swoon when you see the lovely pink shades your stone has to offer.  It is truly an amazing little gem with the most wonderful gentle feeling about it.  When you hold it to the light, you can see through parts of your stone.. it is like a cloud of pink energy that goes wherever you go and helps to soothe your heart.

Your amazing Rose Quartz gem has been wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Legend says that Eros brought Rose Quartz to earth in hopes that its beautiful pink colour would arouse love and desire among people.  In another legend, Adonis, the lover of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, was attacked by Ares (the god of War) who came in the form of a bore.   Aphrodite rushed to save him and caught herself on a briar bush.  Their mingled blood stained the white quartz to a pink.  Zeus took pity on them and restored Adonis to Aphoridite for six months of the year.  Because of this myth, this stone has become a symbol of reconciliation in love. 

Rose Quartz is associated in modern ritual with Isis - an astrologer dropped a piece of this stone into the water that surrounded Isis's temple at Philae in Upper Egypt as a way of keeping contact with the location when she returned home.  All through the middle ages until today, this stone has been given as a love charm.  It is a wonderful gift for a close friend and is excellent for bringing peace.  It is good for ongoing protection against intrusion to act as a barrier.  It is also a good stone for grounding after psychic work.  Next to a computer it can prevent headaches and eye fatigue or next to the bed during sleep for a good rest. 

Faceted Pink opal wire wrap for love and friendship

Pink Faceted Opal -  Sterling Silver wire wrap
Love - Helps you to be just who you are - Stone of renewal - Creativity
1POPF Entire pendant measures 1 1/2 long by 3/4 wide

This is a really interesting stone as there are so many places for your fingers to explore!  The entire stone is faceted and has numerous areas that glide around and around creating a playground for your senses.  Your opal is naturally coloured, the pink is just incredible! It is so soft and gentle with vibrant earthy dark bandings that dance around the gem here and there.  Right on top, is a sparkling Swarovski crystal that just dazzles in the light.  The entire piece has a bit of movement to it and swivels to the left and right.  Your Opal has been handcrafted using sterling silver wire.

Opals are delicate stones that have fine vibrations. They enhance cosmic consciousness and help to induce physic and mental visions. They help you to express your true self. Opals can help you to see your full potential. If you are an artist, this stone can help you to reach for creative energy through spontaneous thoughts.

It is a stone of Karma that teaches that what you put out to the universe, comes back. It is also protective. Opal is also a stone of love. It intensifies emotional states and helps you to relax and be just who you are. Pink Opals are a stone of renewal and help to guide you through the journey of your life. They help you to release old patterns. These pink stones are also helpful for "spiritual awakening" that bring the creative aspects of the universe to the actualization of the wearer

Pink Opals are a stone of renewal and help to guide you through the journey of your life. They help you to release old patterns.  These pink stones are also helpful for "spiritual awakening" that bring the creative aspects of the universe to the actualization of the wearer.

Malachite wire wrap necklace


Malachite -  Sterling Silver wire wrap
Love - Protection - Strength - Prosperity - Transformation - Be who you are
1MCW - 1 1/4 inches long by 3/4 inch wide

There are many stunning shades of green that your Malachite gemstone has to behold.  From the bottom up, there are many spirals, swooping patterns and wonderful pockets of green that really give your eyes a treasure to behold.  If you look carefully, it is almost like there is a protective eye on the surface of this stone. 

Your stone is flat on the front and has a lovely angle to the back that leans towards you as you wear it. You can turn the stone the other way and have the flat section right against your skin.  It is so smooth that it will feel like soft silk against your body. It has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Malachite gemstone wire wrap
Side view of your stone: 
You can see the triangular shape it has.

Malachite is associated with a variety of "Love Goddesses"  - Our Lady of the Mountains (in central Russia), Venus and Freyja (the Viking Goddess of Love).  It is a cleansing and protective stone that helps to cleanse the aura field and aids the heart.  Malachite helps the wearer build up strength and helps to alleviate the feelings of lovesickness.  Also wonderful for increasing concentration and spirituality.

Malachite is also used over protection against over-bright fluorescent lighting, harmful rays that are emitted by electrical equipment and noise toxicity.  It is a powerful crystal for protective magic especially when you are travelling by air or on the crowded motorways.  Also use it for wishing and prosperity magic especially concerning business matters.  It can also be used for scrying to access other worlds, inner and outer and can assist in receiving insights from the subconscious or messages from the future. 

Malachite is a stone of transformation and helps you to live your life with more adventure and risk taking and break those unwanted patterns.  It alleviates shyness and encourages you to express your feelings more comfortably.

Rhodocrosite wire wrap pendant necklace Rhodocrosite -  Sterling Silver wire wrap
Boost of self esteem - Facing Fears -  Creativity - Love
RHO60 - the stone measures 1 1/2 inches long by just under 1 inch wide

These soft sweeping pink tones are actual colours painted by Mother Nature.  Her paintbrush is so full of life! She has dabbed vibrant pinks, mixed with softer tones and mixtures of earthy golden yellows.   A river of black speckles dances all the way around your gemstone from side to side.  The back of this amazing stone has a single piece of sterling wire that helps hold together the pendant.  The top has a tiny spiral that is accented by a beautiful hand braided coil.  It is so beautiful. 

The wire is used is sterling silver.  An easy to use clasp keeps your gemstone in place.

Rhodochrosite is often called the "Inca Rose" because native Americans in the Andes believed this stone contained the blood of their ancestral rulers. Because of this, it is a gem of great power and love. It is a powerful healing stone. When you are feeling a sense of low self esteem, this can help to pick you up. It helps you to face your fears and paranoia and bring a sense of positive attitude. It is mentally lifting and encourages dream states and creativity.

Rhodochrosite is also helpful in drawing a loved one home or increase telepathic communication. It is a stone of the heart and relationships. It can also help to draw your soul mate to your side or someone who needs to come into our lives in order to learn an important life lesson.

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