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Gemstone Jewelry for Confidence and feeling good about yourself

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Brown Jasper Picture Jasper wire wrap in sterling silver wire

Hand made Brown Picture Jasper - Sterling Silver wire wrap necklace
Jasper Cabochon Pendant
Harmony - Balance - I have my feet on the ground! - I know where I'm going! Healing
JB10  - 1 1/2 inches tall by 1 1 /4 inches wide

This particular piece of Jasper is certainly something to behold! You can see that the patterns are simply lovely and filled with such intense beauty...  The colours range from soothing cream colours to earthy rich reds.  This gem is a delightfully tasty treat for the eyes!   This colour palate goes all the way around the stone.

Your cabochon has been hand cut and it's been left at a semi polished state.  That means that the finish is matte to the touch and honestly? Is immensely amazing as it is.  It's got a silky smooth feel to it without the shine. I'm so glad that this stone was only brought to this finish because it is really so delicate and gentle against the skin.

I have hand wrapped your stone using a heavy gauge sterling silver wire and it will come ready to wear on the necklace of your choice.  You can pick in the shopping cart after ordering.

Picture Jasper is a mixture of various colours of brown Jasper. It is an earthy gem that helps you to feel grounded in times of stress. It also creates harmony and balance in the wearer.

It’s often used for creative visualization and keeping one positive in their direction in business pursuits. It is this sense of grounding that helps you to feel comfort in looking to the future and towards your dreams and desires.

Picture Jasper is also a protection amulet and useful as an emotional and psychological healing stone

Amber wire wrap pendant from wicked stones Amber - Sterling Silver wire wrap necklace
Courage to face your fears - Powerful healer - Life Changes - Protection - Lifts Depression
3AMB - 1 inch tall by almost 1 inch wide

Words fail me... this is such a ravishing piece of Amber that it's hard to pick the right words to really capture it's incredible beauty.  Rich honey shades are what is going to greet you when you first get to know your stone. It's got clarity and depth to it that's just divine.. mixed with the darker peeking shapes inside? This is truly a one of a kind pendant.

The surface is smooth in areas and slightly rough in others. Please remember, we've not touched with with a polishing machine so it's got a Mother Earth type of feel to it. There is a rough corner on one side.  I have hand wrapped your Amber using sterling silver wire and and it comes ready to wear on the necklace of your choice - you can choose in the shopping cart after ordering.

Please please please note that you can NOT wear this pendant in a hot shower, or in a humid area.

Amber is not technically a gemstone – it’s an ancient tree resin that has solidified and turned into a fossil. Because of this, Amber has very strong connections with Mother Earth and is an excellent grounding stone. Called the Honey Stone in ancient China, it was thought that Amber held the souls of many tigers and the power of the sun.   Another Oriental legend claims that Amber is actually drops of a petrified Dragon’s blood. In ancient times, people believed that Amber was formed by the setting rays of the sun. The Vikings called Amber the "tears of Freyja" after their goddess of love.

Amber was used by the Roman gladiators as a protection amulet against danger and fear – it was said to be a stone of courage that helped you face your fears. Amber is also known as the Mother Goddess Stone due to the fact that insects, plants and even tiny animals were found petrified inside its crystals. It was thought that Amber contained the essence of life.

It is a powerful healer that absorbs negative energy and changes them into positive forces that help stimulate personal healing. Amber offers strong protection and also helps you to link to your own personal spirituality.  It has a warm bright light energy that helps keep moods uplifted and positive. Amber helps to clear depression and promote a positive state of mind and creative self expression. If you are having trouble making decisions, keep a piece of Amber with you. It symbolizes great wisdom.

So how do you know that I’m selling real amber? Well here are the things that I did to test these pieces to ensure their authenticity:

  • Rub test: when you rub these pieces of Amber you can clearly get the scent of pine residue on your fingers and hands.
  • Float Test: each piece is tested in a salt solution next to known fake amber. Fake amber sinks and real amber floats in a 1 cup to several tablespoons of salt mixture (to replicate actual sea water).
  • Burn Test – I did NOT test on YOUR piece of amber – I tested on a piece purchased for my own collection that was included with yours. When touched with a hot metal pin, you can get a really sweet scent of pine. Fake amber smells stinky and like burnt plastic (we did a test on both types and boy did our noses crinkle when we smelled the fakes PU!)
  • Trust: I also 100% completely trust the source of where my Amber was purchased from.

black onyx worry stone necklace

Black Onyx - Sterling Silver wire wrap necklace
Protection - Healing from Grief and Sorrow - Alleviates fears and worry - Grounding
OX2 - Almost 1 1/2 inch tall by almost 1 inch wide

Black Onyx is a gemstone of strength and stability.  That's very clear in its natural black colours that are powerfully rich and divine.  This piece of Onyx has an outer curved surface on the front and a small area in the back center of the stone that curves inwards - it's actually a small worry stone that I've turned into a pendant that you can wear.  This time of gem is incredibly helpful when dealing with stress and not only the healing properties help you to get through sorrows... the touching of the gem helps you to soothe your anxiety away.

I have hand wrapped your gemstone using sterling silver wire.

Onyx brings you strength, vigor, stamina and self confidence.   This gem is also wonderful for anyone who is searching for past life information or trying to heal from old grief or sorrow. It is a stone of self control that helps to ground you and alleviate fears and worry.

At work, this gem can give you the courage to stand up for your self when unfairly criticized. It also offers protection from nightmares.

Natural green and black tourmaline wire wrap pendant

Natural Green Tourmaline Pendant necklace- Sterling Silver Wire
Transforms negative to positive - dispels fears - abundance - Sleep aid - Detoxifier
7NTG (D)  - Just over 1 inch long by under 1/2 wide

Sometimes when you see something truly amazing, it's difficult to explain in simple words, the depth of beauty in something.  That is how I feel when I see this incredible gemstone.   In the photos you see here, it seems dark, with touches of green, hinting behind layers of white.  What you don't see, is the vibrant shade of green this gem really has when you hold it up to the light.

It is... riveting.  This is a natural gemstone (meaning it has never been touched by a polish machine or saw) and comes just as Mother Nature intended.  The texture is a mix of experiences as there are small bumps and nooks that are combined with long swooping grooves.  Your stone has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Green natural tourmaline wire wrap Green Tourmaline is an excellent healing stone and assists with visualization. It also promotes compassion, tenderness and patience.

It transforms negative energy to positive, dispels fears and enhances creativity. Green Tourmaline also is worn for prosperity and abundance. It is a wonderful earth stone and helps with healing of this type.

It also aids in sleep and enhances the immune system. It is a powerful Detoxifier.

Ontario sodalite wire wrap pendant princess sodalite mine Princess (Ontario) Sodalite -   Sterling Silver Wire Wrap Pendant
Self Confidence - Creative thought - Wisdom - Inspiration
SPM4  - 1 1/4 inches long by 1 inches wide - a very thin stone

How can you not fall in love with the beauty of this delicate stone? Its blues are just.. ravishing!   These are natural shades of blue that Mother Earth has created and they are accented with vibrant whites as well as dots of darker blue and even a few freckles of black.  The stone itself is very thin, almost like the shape of a guitar pick - the perfect gift for someone creative looking for inspiration and muses.  Your piece of Sodalite has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

This particular piece of Sodalite comes from a Sodalite Mine which is located in Bancroft Ontario - Canada..  These gems are in limited supply.  A bit of history about this stone: In the year 1901 the Princess of Wales was given a piece of stone from this mine and she simply fell in love with its beauty. Arrangements were made to quarry enough of this gem to decorate her residence in London England (called the Marlborough House.)  This is how the Princess Sodalite found its name.

Since the age of antiquity, Sodalite has been known as the stone of artists, musicians, painters and sculptors because of its ability to promote inspiration and creativity.  It has very gentle waves of power that spread through the system.  Sodalite helps to promote self confidence and loyalty in the wearer.

It is also a good stone for those who are facing life changes as retirement or when children leave home to go out on their own.  It will allow the wearer to move creatively to the next phase of their lives.  Sodalite is used in croning/wise woman ceremonies to welcome the wisdom of the later years. Sodalite helps to open the third eye to see spiritual visions and the voice to be able to talk about what you have seen.  It will focus meditations if you mind is overactive and useful in creative visualization techniques.

Ochahedral Green Fluorite necklace Octahedral Green Fluorite -Sterling Silver Wire Wrap
Lower Stress - Working through Trauma & problems - Drawing out  Negative Energy
2FLUW - 1 inch long by 3/4 inch wide
$38.00 ON HOLD

This is a natural gemstone - just as Mother Nature intended you to find it.  This opposite pyramidal shape is called an Octahedral and has 8 sides for your fingers to explore.  It has not been cut or polished, it is just as it was found.  The colour is a soothing leaf green and hidden deep inside? You'll delight to find a tiny rainbow winking at you in the sunbeams.   Your gem has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Ochahedral Green Fluorite necklace with rainbows inside
Can you see the rainbow inside the stones?
Octahedron Fluorite are natural occurrences that have eight sides to each stone.  If you are having problems working through mental blocks or dealing wish issues where you can't see your way through around a problem? This may be the stone for you.  They help to bring a peace of mind when the world is chaotic around you as well as giving you the voice to speak your mind clearly.

Fluorite is considered to be the "home of the rainbows"and helps to teach responsibility and draw out negative energy.  It is an excellent protection stone on a psychic level and helps to ground you and make you feel as if you feet are solid on the ground.  This stone can help you to discern when outside influences are at work within yourself and shut down psychic manipulation and undue mental influence. It also helps to stabilize and aura and is extremely effective against electromagnetic stress.  It is also good for building intuition and helping your mind to absorb new information.

Fluorite helps to lower the levels of tension around you and absorb negative or "panic" vibes.  It is also a great stone for meditation.  It helps to dissolve fixed patterns of behavior and gently opens the door to the subconscious bringing suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution.

Green Fluorite is especially helpful when trying to ground excess energy and work through emotional trauma - it does this by releasing the energy surrounding the situation.  This type of stone can help you to tap into your subconscious mind to work with your intuition skills.  It helps to remove auric, mental and charka obsolete conditioning that you no longer need in your life.


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