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Relax, find peace and build your psychic powers

Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess of the full moon called Selene. She was a mother to Pandia (the Goddess of brightness), Ersa, (the Goddess of the dew) and Nemea (the mountain Goddess). Selene represented marriage, women and is the mistress of enchantment and magical ritual.  This is a stone of partnership and can help in love situations, work and in the home. It helps you to retain long lasting commitment and encourages you to communicate your feelings and thoughts while enabling you to see through others lies and deceptions. It gives you insight and clears confusing thoughts.

Selenite is a powerful gemstone for psychic communication. It helps you to connect with your wise ancestors, angels and spirit guides. This is a stone often used by clairvoyants and mediums. It has a very fine vibration that brings clarity to your thoughts and guidance.

This is a very calming gemstone that instills a sense of peace – it’s excellent for helping you to relax during meditations or spiritual work. Selenite can also help to calm erratic emotions.



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