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You can be strong, independent and feel good about yourself

Hematite can be a very powerful healing crystal for some people. It has a very amazing feel to it - it's often silky smooth to the touch and the iron content of this gem makes it often a heavier crystal.  Hematite is a great stone for working with low self esteem as it helps to counter this.  You can find the courage to also make life changes that are ahead of you and feel protected in times you feel off center. This stone is also one to help you feel like your feet are firmly planted on the earth and grounded when life is spiraling out of control.

If someone is sending you negative vibes, curses or energy, the reflective surface of your stone will send it back it back to the center, leaving you feeling protected.  If you work with divination (Tarot cards, pendulum reading, tea reading, etc) you can use this for boosting your fortune telling powers. Wearers also often work with Hematite for circulation issues in the body.