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Brown Tigers Eye


You can be brave, empowered and strong!  Brown Tigers Eye crystal can help you to tap into your inner strength and be strong when you need it the most. It helps you to feel open to luck, happiness, new ideas, changes and fulfillment.  You can find happiness and let go of sad thoughts.  You can heal your issues of self worth and stop criticizing yourself.  You can be creative and unblock your talents and skills.

Use this crystal for protection to help keep the "evil eye" away as well as curses and ill wishes.  It can help you to feel relaxed when in an environment where you feel spooked or scared of the unknown.   If you are going to be facing situations (at work for example) where you feel threatened by someone of power, carry Tigers Eye with you to remind yourself that you are strong and protected. It can help you to feel like your energy is staying with you and not being drained by others. 

Tigers eye can also help draw prosperity and wealth to you.