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Green Aventurine Metaphysical Properties:

If luck is what you seek? Try working with a piece of this crystal.  It is often placed in charm bags and worn as amulets to help invite good fortunes, luck and money to us. It is also a gem of protection to keep away electronic smog (things like cell phone) and also helps to protect you from negative energies that may be caused by situations around you.   It is a stone of harmony that helps heal and balance the Heart Chakra

If you are working to build your psychic skills, it can be used to help divination and clairvoyance.  This is a gem of Earth Energy that would be a lovely gift for someone who gardens, works with herbs or flowers or those who have a close relationship with Mother Nature.  Mentally, this crystal can help you to make decisions with more clarity and decisiveness.  It can also help with creative inspiration and offers an all around feeling of good nature and well being.

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