Wicked Stones - Handcrafted gemstone jewelry, Gems for your pets, Mirror Magic, Quartz crystal point jewelry, Agate slices, Geodes, charka jewelry,healing gemstones,pagan and wicca jewelry, worry stones, gemstone earrings and more.  Located in Sudbury Ontario, Canada - prices in Canadian funds.

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How much does shipping and handling cost?


Free shipping when your order is over $150.00

  • Regular Mail $9.50 - Approximately 5 to 7 business days to arrive

  • Express Mail availble upon request - prices to be quoted


  • Regular Mail $9.50 - It takes approximately 14 business days to arrive - No tracking number provided
    Please note:  Packages going to United States via regular mail must clear through customs before delivery (we are located in Canada).  This can often cause further delays during peak shipping months.  Wicked Stones cannot guarantee that your items will arrive in "exactly" 14 business days (times are approximate).  If you need your items quickly? Please consider using Express Mail.

  • Express Mail availble upon request - prices to be quoted

  • CUSTOMS:  You may incur custom fees for your package - please note, these fees are not included in your shipping charges and you are responsible for them when your package arrives (It rarely happens)

Please note: Due to the rash of fraudulent orders from Nigeria we no longer ship to this country. 

  • Regular Mail $11.50 - Shipping times vary but usually your order will arrive within 14 business days - (times are approximate).  
    No tracking number provided

  • CUSTOMS:  You may incur custom fees for your package - please note, these fees are not included in your shipping charges and you are responsible for them when your package arrives (It rarely happens)

  • Express Mail:  If you really need it fast? Please contact us.  We'll have to get a quote for you and discuss shipping rates per order.

What currency do I pay in?
All our products are in Canadian Dollars.  Yes we do accept orders from U.S.A and Europe and other countries.  If you are not located in Canada? Your credit card bill will automatically change the currency - you'll see it on your monthly credit card statementPlease use this link to see what the currency rate currently is. (A new window will open where you can input your amounts).  Please be aware, some credit card companies do charge and international fee if you do not reside in Canada  - you are responsible for knowing your credit card regulations and fees.

Quick link: Currency Converter

How do I pay for my order?
While you are shopping, just click on the "Buy Now" button.  Once you have finished shopping click on "View my shopping cart".  You can review your order and then pay with either a Visa or MasterCard.  We use Mals for our credit card processing and you can use PayPal as well.  We a verified member of PayPal - all of your transactions are processed through PayPal's safe and secure site.   You do not need a Pay Pal membership to use this service and they provide safe and secure on line transactions.

Do you have a store we can visit?
Sorry folks, we are an online store only.  In the future, we may be re-opening our studio for walk in customers. 

Do you offer discounts?
From time to time Wicked Stones offers special discount coupons that you can apply to your purchase.  Please use the following link to see what special coupons are available to you. Click here for discount coupons.

Do you offer Wholesale?
IF you are a previous WHOLESALE CLIENT please contact us as we may still be able to fill your orders. 

If your gemstone items has arrived and it's not quite what you were looking for?  We will accept returns within 30 days after the original shipping date.  Please take note of the following tidbits of information before you request a return:

1.  We require notification that the item is being returned.  click here to send an email
2.  A copy of the original receipt must be included.
3.  All orders must be returned in bubble wrap and packaged properly to ensure their safe arrival. The item must be returned in the same condition it arrived to you.
4.  Special orders are not refundable.
5.  You are responsible for return shipping fees.
6.  Any Paypal fees you incur are not refundable by Wicked Stones.  We are not responsible for PayPal fee deductions.
7.  Wicked Stones is not responsible for returning any customs fees you incur (if you order outside of Canada).
8.  Where is the address I return this to? Return information is on your package.

What if I don't see the stone I need on your site?
If you are in need of something you don't see on our site? Just get in touch with us either by
email and let us know what you are looking for.   We may be able to locate just what you are looking for and will work with you - sending you photos and information on the gems we can locate for you.

Is this real Amber on your site?
So how do you know that I’m selling real amber? Well here are the things that I did to test these pieces to ensure their authenticity:

  • Rub test: when you rub these pieces of Amber you can clearly get the scent of pine residue on your fingers and hands.
  • Float Test: each piece is tested in a salt solution next to known fake amber. Fake amber sinks and real amber floats in a 1 cup to several tablespoons of salt mixture (to replicate actual sea water).
  • Burn Test – I did NOT test on YOUR piece of amber – I tested on a piece purchased for my own collection that was included with yours. When touched with a hot metal pin, you can get a really sweet scent of pine. Fake amber smells stinky and like burnt plastic (we did a test on both types and boy did our noses crinkle when we smelled the fakes PU!)
  • Trust: I also 100% completely trust the source of where my Amber was purchased from.

What if the necklace that comes with the gemstone is the wrong colour? Or the wrong size?
When you are ordering, there is an area in your shopping cart that you can add comments - or you can just send us an
email with your request.  After all, we are all different sizes and shapes and sometimes we need something a little "special".

Is it really hand made?
Yes - every piece of gemstone jewelry on our website has been hand made.   You will receive the item in the photograph.  The only things that we do not make here in our shop are the pewter amulets, sterling silver amulets and the body jewelry (the parts that go through your body - we created or added the charms you see).  And it is hand made by "us" and not another company that we purchase from.

Do you cut and polish your own gemstones?
We do quite a bit but not everything. It will tell you right on the product description.  When we don't have the time to polish our own, we hand pick our gemstones (in person!) at a supply shop.  We do our very best to make sure that you get the best stones we can find.

Can you make custom jewelry?
Yes, we can combine certain types of stones to make something special just for you.  But please understand, we are not silver-smiths and can't design shapes and add stones.  Just click on the CONTACT US on the top of every page if you have an idea to share.

Hey, do you make up all this information on your site?
Nope.. we spend a lot of time doing extensive research on each of the stones we use.  We have our own personal library (here in the studio) where we draw a lot of the information you read here.. We've spent hours and hours going through each and every one of our books so we can offer you this information.

Disclaimer:  All the metaphysical information provided by Wicked Stones is not to be considered as medical advice to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.   Every person is individual and their needs vary - with that said, we can't guarantee the effectiveness of the gemstones sold, or the effectiveness of any of the metaphysical information. Gemstones may help promote healing but should be used in addition to medical care and not as a substitute if you are under the care of a physician.  On a personal note though?  Our gemstone friends and clients have come back to us over the years to let us know how particular stones have helped them - every experience is individual and wonderful to hear about.  (And yes, I do use them as well.)

Can I use your images or text?
Um, sorry, but no.  All images and text are property of Wicked Stones. If you are one of our wholesale customers? We'll work with you to provide images if you need them.  We do not allow direct copies of our pages - we like our standings at Google.

What is your Privacy Policy - Will you SPAM me?
We're pretty frustrated with the amount of SPAM we get in our own in-boxes.  So we won't do that to you.  The only thing we'll ever do is send you occasional newsletters (if you sign up).  Your email address and all information you give us during a sale, is safe and sound.  If you'd like to sign up for our newsletter? Just send us an email with "Newsletter Sign Up" in the subject line.  (We only send them out a couple of times a year so you wont get bombed every week).

Do you have a Newsletter?
If you'd like to sign up for our newsletter? Just send us an email with "Newsletter Sign Up" in the subject line.  (We only send them out a couple of times a year so you wont get bombed every week).  You'll find special deals, information about rock hounding and other tidbits we figure you might find interesting and add them in.   They wont arrive very often as we're usually out picking rocks and playing with stones.

Are you Earth Friendly?
Yes, we will use recycled boxes if your order is large enough to fit in one.   We believe in re-using shipping material when we can.

If you have any questions that you don't see answered here? Just send us an emailWho knows? Maybe your question will end up going in our FAQ.

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