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Gemstone FAQ and Care

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You might want to grab a cup of coffee and sit down for a while.. some of these questions have very long answers.  

Have you got a question? Why not ask? Maybe you'll see your answer here too.  :-)

Written by Vikki Soros 2008

Help!! My stone feels heavy or odd - what's up with that?
Have you ever worn a particular stone (or had it in your pocket) and after time it just felt "funny" or "odd"?  Everyone feels things different so it's hard for me to describe exactly what you are going to sense - but some people describe a feeling of "heaviness" when they tell me about it. (I know when mine need to be cleaned as it feels like I'm wearing an anchor around my neck!) 

Usually this means is that your gemstone needs to be cleansed.   Now I don't mean simply washed to get the dirt off, I mean the energy that the stone has absorbed needs to be removed or released.  There are a few ways to accomplish this but in the end? You need to decide which one feels the most natural for you. 

How often do you need to do this? It depends on your gut feelings - you will know when your stone needs to be cleansed.  You'll no doubt find books, websites and healers and receive a wonderful array of thoughts on this.  Some will tell you that you need to do it daily, or weekly, or monthly, but in the end? You will sense the right time.

With each of these steps, you have to do 2 other things.  As the stone is being cleansed, you need to visualize the negative energy being released.   Your second step is to then visualize the stone being reenergize with positive energy.  Okay, so maybe you are thinking "Sheesh! This is a lot of work! And how am I supposed to see "that" in my mind!"  If you are having trouble, just relax your thoughts and reach back in time when you used to imagine things (that's not always easy for people who have lots on their plates!).  Take a deep breath and see the stone in your mind and try and see the energy that spirals and swirls around it.   After some practice, you will be able to attune to your healing stone.

Cleansing by Smudging
Smudging is an age old way of cleansing.  It is done by holding the stone in the smoke from sage, cedar or sweetgrass.  If you don't have access to these plants you can also use incense.  Simply hold the stone in the smoke (you can use a feather to move the smoke around the stone) and visualize the stone being cleansed of its negative energy. 

Cleansing with Water
There are many thoughts on the process of cleansing with water.  Some believe that you should use a mixture of Sea Salt that has been dissolved in water, just regular water or running water that you either use from your tap or the rushing water of a natural stream.  This is entirely up to what you believe.  You can place your stones in a dish of water (mixed with sea salt if you wish) and leave them until you feel they have been cleansed.  (Be careful if you are wearing a softer material such as Amber that you don't use warm water.  If you have any concerns, contact us and ask if your stone is safe to immerse in water).  Again, try to visualize that the water is cleansing the stone of negative energy.  Once you feel this has been accomplished, place the stones in a safe place to dry.  Not all gemstones are safe in the sunshine as they fade. A good thing to remember is that if your stone has been wrapped in sterling? It should be safe in the water.  If it has been wrapped with copper the water will eventually alter the metal.  If your stone is on a leather cord? Water will eventually deteriorate the cord with long soakings.  Don't worry about showering, the leather cording usually lasts about a year to a year and a half with every day wear.

Cleansing with Earth
Another method that I've used (and heard that other use) is by placing your stones under the Earth.  The Earth's energy helps to pull the negative energy from your stone.  If you are lucky enough to have a yard with a garden, find a special spot and put your stone under the earth.  If you live in an apartment (or it's winter) you can also use a pot with earth on your counter.  There are different opinions about using a pot that already has a plant living in it - the choice is yours.   If you are going to put your stone outside? Always remember to put something on the location so you remember where it has been buried (I have lost one or two over time).

Cleansing with Salt
Delicate stones (such as Amber and some Turquoise) can also be placed in a dish with Sea Salt for a few hours.

So why does my stone do this?
I'm curious, like a cat trying to get into a bird cage, so I love to reading "why" things happen.  The stone you have been carrying with you (or wearing) has been doing a fabulous job of absorbing the negative energy that's around you.   Or it's been repelling it away (depending on the stone type you have).  It's been working hard for you and when it starts to feel "heavy" it means it's full.   Time for a cleaning!

Topic 2 - Choosing the stone that's right for you
Written by Vikki Soros 2008
This has been taken from our Yule 2008 Newsletter

I bet over your lifetime, you have picked up numerous stones along your travels.  Perhaps they where just treasures you found in your own driveway that seemed to call to you.    Most likely one of these gems lived inside of your pocket, on your desk or deep inside your purse for some time before they either disappeared on you or you gave them away. 

You've already learned how to find the gemstone that's right for you!  Maybe one of these stones had a particular healing quality that you were seeking (even if it was simply the colour of the stone) this may have helped to soothe you in times of stress.

Deep inside of yourself, you have the ability to pick the healing stone that your body or mind needs.  There are several methods that I've found works wonderfully for both myself and my clients over the years.

Picking stones in person:
Let me tell you about some of my more special customers.  These are the folks that come to our booth (when we do vending outdoors) who casually walk through and suddenly stop in their tracks.  It's amazing to watch this from the sidelines! They'll take a few steps one way, then another.. and then back.. scanning the crystals and stones with their eyes.  Often they'll stretch out their hands and let their fingers brush just over top of every stone on display.  And then... the largest smile cracks on their face and they reach towards the stone.  And they know it's the one.

"Can I do this?"  Well I can't answer this question for you - only you can.  So why not try it? The next time you are a store that sells gemstones give this a whirl.  Close your eyes for a brief moment and relax if you have any tense muscles.  Open your eyes and walk towards the stones.  Let your eyes dance over the gemstones and see if something there calls to you.  It could be the colour or the shape that appeals to you. Go with your feelings.   It does not have to be the brightest, the most expensive or the largest in the bunch, just the one that calls to you.  Once you have one that appeals to these senses, take a moment and hover your hand over it.  Do you feel anything from the stone? Take it in your hand and see if that changes.  Every gemstone has its own energy that you may be able to feel.  If you can't feel it? Don't panic and think you are doing something incorrect. It may be simply the colour that attunes to your energy.   You can also dip your hand into a bowl of stones and see which one wants to come home with you.  Often you'll have one in particular that "feels" different from the others.  Perhaps it was meant for you.

Picking stones on line
Yes, picking stones in person packs a lot more punch, I'll be honest about that.   I try and take the best photographs of the stones we use and have a detailed write up about how it feels and looks.  This way you can have a painted picture in your mind about what this stone is actually like.  Also, if you have questions about a particular stone or need more photographs? We're always there to help out.

What we suggest is that you take the time to really examine the photographs of the stone and see what your senses are saying to you.  If it is the correct healing stone for you, your inner self will let you know in some way.

I hope this has inspired you to look down while you are walking.

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