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Frequently Asked Questions

(all the dry boring things you might want to know)




What currency do I pay in? All our products are in Canadian Dollars.  If you are not located in Canada? Your credit card bill will automatically change the currency - you'll see it on your monthly credit card statement.  Please be aware, some credit card companies do charge and international fee if you do not reside in Canada  - you are responsible for knowing your credit card regulations and fees

Shipping info:  Click here for more info on shipping

How do I pay?
We accept the following methods of payment via our secure shopping cart: American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Paypal.  All sales are processed safely through a secure shopping cart gateway.

All payment processing transactions need to operate through a secure interface called a gateway.

Read more: Payments 101

Do you have a store we can visit?
At this time we are an online store only.

What if I don't see the stone I need on your site?
If you are in need of something you don't see on our site? Just get in touch with us by clicking here and using our contact us pag

Can you make custom jewelry? Yes. If you are looking for a particular stone or piece of jewelry and you don't see it here on my site, please click on the CONTACT US Page and send a note.  Maybe I have your gem tucked aside or I may be able to find one.  I am not a silversmith though, so I'm unable to make rings with faceted gems that are in the bands.  I would suggest looking at your local lapidary society to find a smith that would be able to make you a special custom piece.

Where this information on your site come from?
I have spent a lot of time doing research on each of the stones we use.  We also have our own personal library (here in the studio) where we draw a lot of the information you read here.  I've also worked one on one with my clients (since 1999) and have discovered a lot of what you see here just from personal experiences and feedback from those who wear and work with the crystals. 

Do you use crystals and gemstones yourself?
I sure do!  I have three main go to gems that I use all of the time.  One is my piece of black and green Tourmaline (one is on a necklace I wear and the other is a giant green piece on my desk in the studio).  This one helps keep negative energy from taking over my moods as well as invites abundance into my life.  I also have a piece of Howlite that I use on a regular basis to help when I need to calm down (we all have stresses in our lives).  And finally, I have a piece of rainbow moonstone that I wear to help balance my moods and inspire me to be creative.  I have tried to wear other pieces and I've found that when they don't agree with my body, they feel heavy against my skin.  If you see me at a show? I'll probably be wearing my anklet (of combined gems) and a fairy star pendant around my neck.  Maybe one day I'll post a photo of all the gems I've tucked aside after making thinking, "Oh I like that one, I'll just keep it just in case!"

Disclaimer - because I have to and it's important:  All the metaphysical information provided by Wicked Stones is not to be considered as medical advice to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.   Every person is individual and their needs vary - with that said, we can't guarantee the effectiveness of the gemstones sold, or the effectiveness of any of the metaphysical information. Gemstones may help promote healing but should be used in addition to medical care and not as a substitute if you are under the care of a physician.  On a personal note though?  Our gemstone friends and clients have come back to us over the years to let us know how particular stones have helped them - every experience is individual and wonderful to hear about.  (And yes, I do use them as well.)

What is your Privacy Policy - Will you SPAM me?
We're pretty frustrated with the amount of SPAM we get in our own in-boxes.  So we won't do that to you.  The only thing we'll ever do is send you occasional newsletters (if you sign up).  Your email address and all information you give us during a sale, is safe and sound.

So why should I buy from you? (You may be asking)
Well, I'm a bad horn tooter, so here's a link with some of our good feedback (click here).  To make things short and sweet, I've been working with crystals and gemstones since 1999 (that's almost two decades!)  During this time I've been helping people via email, text message, phone and in person, to find that special crystal they are seeking to work with.  All of the gems you see on our site have been hand picked (either in the forests, at shows or at high end reputable dealers, or even from vintage collections we've lucked into over the decades).  It's also important to note that I'm not a factory, I'm a human being that's going to be creating a piece of art for you to wear and work with.  So pride of craftsmanship is key for me.  I want you to be happy with your crystal.

If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a note.  Thanks!