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Gemstone Earrings

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Clear quartz 10k gold earrings Quartz Crystal 10k Gold Earrings
Healing Energy - Positive thoughts - Positive Energy
45ER - Just over in inch long

Simple yet divine... these clear Quartz earrings match just about any outfit you can wear.  They are so sweet and gentle to behold.  There are four stones in total, three larger ones that are topped with a single smaller gem.  They have been handcrafted using 10k gold wire(on the inside) and the earring part that goes through your ear is also 10k gold.

Quartz Crystal has an enlightening effect on all the Chakras and helps to eliminate negative energy.  Often used as a “cleansing” stone to restore positive energy and used in meditations.  It raises energy and aids concentration.  It is the stone of the sun, of health, wealth and happiness.  This stone absorbs energy from all around us and can draw down the divine light.  It will store and concentrate this energy to be released in healing, magic or pure vitality. 

Some use this stone for divination, building psychic abilities and helping during meditations.  It also amplifies any innate psychic or healing powers and is used to increase the power of prayer (especially for healing).  It will also act as a channel for spirit guides.

Carnelian Earrings Carnelian Earrings
Lets your true self shine - Energy boost - Love of Life - Protection
21ER  - almost 3/4 inch long

Golden beauties! These are hand painted by Mother Nature herself and rest assured, there will never be another set of stones quite like these! They are like golden snowflakes, only one pattern....   Square cut Carnelian beads dangle below a single round Carnelian bead, accented with golden filigree floral bead caps made of gold plate metals.  These are so pretty!  The ear wires are called Lever Backs which mean that they open and close like levers so they tend to stay more secure in your ears. The wire is made of gold plate.

Carnelian was used in ancient Egyptian magic as protection for the living and the dead.  A Carnelian in the form of the ijet (the symbol of the mother Isis) was placed on the neck of a mummy to ensure protection and re-birth of the spirit in the afterlife.  It was also used as the Eye of Horus for protection against the Evil Eye.  The Romans carried this stone for protection and courage and it was engraved with the head of a lion or a great leader.    Carnelian increases one's vitality and zest for life - in our times it also helps the wearer face every day with courage and strength. It helps to bring abundance in every way to the home and family.  It radiates positive energy and helps your true self shine through without fear or the need to conform to the expectations of others. It helps you to trust yourself and overcome negative conditioning.

Use Carnelian as a focus for past life work and finding your twin soul.  It is good for love and sex rituals for re-kindling passion that has dwindled in a loving relationship.  During meditation it can help to remove extraneous thoughts and sharpen your concentration.  It calms anger, emotional negativity and replaces it with a love of life.  It is a grounding stone that anchors you in the present reality and stabilizes with high energy.  It's helps to motivate you and increase creativity - it is especially helpful for dramatic persuits.

Russian Amazonite Earrings - Princess Theme Russian Amazonite Earrings - Princess Theme
Courage - Confidence - Balance - Abundance
23ER  - 1 inch long

Just like the earrings above, these Russian Amazonite gems are simply stunning! They are softer looking though, with the clear sparkling Swarovski that dances in the light like a princess at her first royal ball.  These amazing stones are accented with golden filigree bead caps that are very divine indeed!  The colours of these gems are deeply rich, so much so that they are almost black in hue.  The ear wires are called Lever Backs which mean that they open and close like levers so they tend to stay more secure in your ears. The wire is made of gold plate.

In olden days, Amazonite was called the "stone of Courage" and was named after the Amazon women warriors.   Amazonite is a very soothing stone that helps to calm the brain and nervous system and promotes joy of life and confidence.  It helps to balance the female and male aspects of the personality and to helps you to see from different points of view.  It also soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry, fear and dispelling negative energy and aggravation.

This stone helps to reduce anger and irritability in the home and helps to prevent people bringing work or school related problems home with them.  If you are at work or at school? Amazonite can help you to focus and make sure you are at the right place at the right time. Amazonite is excellent for working with natural forces such as nature spirits.  It is useful in weather and animal magic and for contacting water and earth spirits. 

It also helps to increase clairvoyant and telepathic abilities. Amazonite is a good stone to help attract good luck and wealth.   A money stone. It soothes all the Chakra and is particularly rejuvenating to the heart center and throat Chakra.  It enhances communications concerning love.

Blue Dolomite Earrings Blue Dolomite Earrings
Soothing energy - Stamina - Creativity
24ER  - 3/4 inch long

The blues that these Dolomite beads have are so rich.. that they almost appear black in the photo.  They are deep royal blue and look simply stunning accented with the shimmering silver bead caps.   They are pretty enough to wear out on a first date or to an important meeting with clients.  You'll fall in love with this rich shade... The earring part that goes through your ear is made of Sterling silver - the wire used inside of the dangling parts is silver plate.

Dolomite is a very gentle stone with soothing energy that helps to relieve sorrow, hurt, loneliness and anxiety. This gemstone allows you to heal by realizing that everything in life happens for a reason. If you are dealing with energetic or hyper people on a daily basis? This stone can help produce stamina to keep up with everyone. It can also protect you from low self esteem issues.

Dolomite also encourages charitable actions and generosity in both giving and receiving. It also encourages creativity with original thought processes and spontaneity.

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