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  • Cobalt Silver Pendant - Rare item from Ontario Canada
  • Cobalt Silver ore pendant crystal healing from Canada
  • Cobalt Silver Vintage collection healing pendant necklace
  • Cobalt Silver Healing gemstone pendant by Wicked Stones
  • Ontario Silver Ore from Cobalt Ontario - Electroplated Sterling silver pendant necklace

Cobalt Silver Ore Gemstone pendant with Sterling Silver


This is a very beautiful and unique healing gemstone pendant. Your gemstone is actually from a very old vintage collection and the stone originates from Cobalt Ontario, Canada. Each side of this stone is unique and when you hold it in the light, you can really see the beautiful silver patterns your gem has to offer.  On one side, it is like a fluffy cloud traveling up the gem while on the other? There is a single plume with a touch of the copper paint peeking through from the electroplating technique the artist used.  The top bail is a leaf pattern that has been glued to the pendant with a jump ring on the top.

Your pendant was hand crafted by the original artist many years ago and has been tucked safely into a private collection until now. It is brand new and never been worn by another. What makes this a rare piece is the fact that they come from a mine that has long since been closed and such finds are difficult to locate now. Your stone measures 1 inch long by 1/2 inch wide and 1/4 inch deep.  The weight is 6 grams.  Both sides are unique and you can wear it any direction you desire.  This is a metal mineral and due to that, you may have to wipe it with a polishing cloth due to remove oxidization and tarnish. It's also important to note that if you have metal allergies, you may want to be careful and wear this gem only for short periods until you discover if it is safe for you to wear.  Please note, I will do my best to clean off any tarnish on the piece before I ship it to you - I have noticed that you can see some of the vintage aging on the pieces here and there.

The outer edges of your stone are sterling silver and formed by electroplating. Electroplating is a beautiful way to add precious metals to a precious tone to give it an amazing look. The stone is carefully painted with thin layers of metal (copper) and then electricity is used to attract other precious metals. In this case it is sterling silver.  

Here's a bit of history on the Cobalt area so you can get an idea of where you stone came from: Silver was discovered in this part of Ontario in 1903 during the construction of the railway to connect Northern Ontario communities. After its discovery, Cobalt became one of the largest silver producers in the world and the town became the birthplace of the hardrock mining industry. Early miners used pickaxes, hand steel, dynamite and wheelbarrows to work. In 1911, silver production actually exceeded 900 tons! In the 30's, silver production began to slow down and then started up again in the 50's. After that no other operating mines were in production. Today, the area continues to be explored for diamonds and other minerals.

As far as healing properties, here are a few things silver is noted for:

  • strengthens intuition and perception
  • attracts and enhances the energies of other healing gems
  • draws negative energy from you (repels it away)
  • Manifestation of wealth, abundance and riches
  • moon energy
  • strengthen psychic skills
  • helps you to speak your mind more clearly

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