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Hand made Celtic Jewelry

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I'm just cathing up on making more treasures for this section...

Chrysocolla wire wrap pendant with sterling silver celtic knot Chrysocolla Celtic Knot Wire Wrap
Inspire creativity - Lower Stress - Intuition - Confidence - Overcome Phobias
CYCK4 - The entire amulet measures 2 inches long

Mother Nature had a field day with her paintbrush with this pretty polished Chrysocolla gem.  Your pendant is amazing and has the most beautiful patterns of sweeping greens, blues and earth tones.   Around and around this stone she painted, her brush dipping into so many soothing shades of green and blues.  A whisp of black adds just a "dash" of darkness to this piece. There are 2 sterling silver bali beads adorning the top and bottom of your pendant and there is a 3/4 inch wide sterling silver Celtic knot dangling below.  A tiny sterling spiral rests on top of the entire piece. Your pendant has been put together using sterling silver wire and comes ready to wear on a 20 inch black leather cord with an easy to use clasp. 

Ancient Egyptians called Chrysocolla the "Wise Stone" - According to history,Cleopatra was known to carry this tone wherever she went. It was said to help make those who had more volatile tempers more sensitive and tolerant.  Chrysocolla helps to lower stress and tension while also reducing anger and negative feelings towards others.  It symbolizes psychological and mental conciliation and promotes goodness, tolerance and strengthens one's intuition.

Chrysocolla is a gentle stone that helps you to emotionally heal after a physical or verbal confrontation with someone.  It also helps to promote open and positive communication with those who are unhelpful.  This stone is also excellent for all creative type of work and inducing psychic dreams that may answer your questions.  It is also used for sacred earth rituals and provides a focus when you want to attract love or banish fear.  Also use it in rituals that honor the Mother Goddess.  It encourages self awareness and inner balance that imparts confidence and sensitivity.  Chrysocolla also enhances your personal power and gives you the ability to overcome phobias and supply motivation for change..  It alleviates guilt and brings joy to life.

Turqouise pendant with a sterling silver celtic cross pendant charm

Yellow Green Turquoise - Celtic Cross Pendant wire wrap
Love - Happiness - Soothing Energy - Creativity
WCCY - 1 1/2 inches long by 3/4 inches wide
$36.00 (This one is going to its new home).. 

What a great match up of colours.... Your Turquoise gemstone pendant is so pleasing with these gentle green/yellow shades.  The center of your stone is like a soothing sea of green with earth and sky of darker shades.  If you look very closely? You'll see tiny veins in the greens of the stone.  There is a horizontal line in the stone that I've checked over very carefully to ensure that it is not a crack - it appears to be a part of how the stone has evolved over time.  The bottom of your pendant dangles a sterling silver 1/2 inch Celtic Cross. This cross is just amazing, it's tiny but it's also very ornate. 

Your wire wrap pendant comes ready to wear on a black cord (approx. 20 inches in length) with a clasp.  If you'd prefer another length, just let us know when ordering in the options field of your shopping cart. 

Yellow green Turquoise is a gem of love that helps you to understand that the happiness you may be waiting for in this life will be well worth the wait.

It is a very soothing stone that also helps to balance mood swings. This colour also helps you to open the creative flow of self expression.

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