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  • Healing amethyst crystal polished for strong protection and calming of the mind.
  • Healing amethyst crystal to help you to feel calm during times of stress by wicked stones.
  • Amethyst crystal necklace for yoga and meditation to help you calm your thoughts and be at peace.

Calm thoughts and Peace Amethyst Crystal necklace


You can feel calm and relaxed

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal to work with when you need to relax your mind and center your thoughts.  It can be especially helpful during Yoga and meditation sessions for just that purpose.  This particular crystal is a beautifully smooth gemstone that has a super smooth surface and feels glorious against the skin.  The colours start on the top with a deep rich purple and float their way down to a crystal white.  There are really interesting patterns in the purple area when you hold it up to the light.

I have hand wrapped this gem in a silver plate wire that has a copper inner core. This gem measures just over 1 inch tall by 3/4 inch at the widest section at the top.

If you are looking for an Amethyst healing crystal, here are some of the ways you can use it:

  • Protection
  • Psychic Enhancer (great for tarot readers or those who work with divination)
  • Peaceful dreams and good sleep
  • Protection from negative energy (like when someone is trying to send bad thoughts to you)
  • Meditation (helping to block nagging thoughts from interrupting your relaxation and thoughts)
  • Motivation and new ideas
  • Intuition and luck
  • Releases tension
  • Working with addictions
  • Cleansing the aura
  • Reducing headaches and tension

This particular crystal can also help with you when working with your Brow Chakra.  The Brow Chakra, or Third Eye Chakra is located in the center of the forehead. By balancing and healing this charka, it can teach you how to put your thoughts into action.  It is the center of experience where you can also build your psychic abilities.  The jewelry in this section has been chosen to help you work with this Chakra point in your body.


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