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  • Stunning 7 Healing Mineral gemstone pendant
  • 7 Powerful healing minerals! All in one incredible gemstone pendant

Cacoxenite Amethyst Agape Crystal Sterling Silver Wire Necklace


From top to bottom, this Cacoxenite 7 mineral healing gem has the most wonderful qualities to share your life with.  It's hard to pick where to start when trying to describe the beauty of this stone.  So we'll start at the top.

Right at the very beginning where the sterling spiral rests, this gem begins with a dark earthy purple that is actually a termination point for a crystal face that is going in an upwards direction. 

When you angle this stone you will see a beautiful triangular face right near the very top right shoulder of the gem. Turn it to the front and the other side of the pointed crystal face will greet you with a smooth area to run your fingers across.  Spin it around a bit more and you will find deeper grays to delight you.

Moving down the stone, this darker area travels about 3/4 of the way to the tip and winds around to make tiny rectangular shapes (that's where you see the stone jutting out).  When you turn the stone to the side, you can see these shapes.  All of this is resting on a bed of lighter purple grays that dance with rusty earthy toned red shades.

Both smooth and rough - and solid and slightly transparent in some areas...this stone has the best of all worlds.  I have hand wrapped your stone using sterling silver wire and it comes ready to wear on the cord of your choice.   This gem measures 1 inch wide by 1 1/2 inches tall.

This stone is a fusion 7 incredible healing minerals

They are: 

  • Amethyst – Purple
  • Cacoxenite- Golden coloured
  • Goethite – Iron bearing oxide mineral
  • Lepidocrocite - Red brown coloured mineral
  • Clear Quartz – Clear or white
  • Rutile – Black or reddish brown or golden yellow
  • Smoky Quartz – Golden browns

All of these minerals are present in the stone, even if the piece does not visibly show.  It is one of the few stones that retain their energy and clarity and never needs cleansing or energizing.

It is the crystal of Sirius (the bright star in the sky). Sirius is famed in Egypt for its reappearance for 10 days around mid July, which herald the annual flood and ensured the fertility of the lands. Sirius and super seven are also associated with Isis. This stone helps to link your magical workings Ancient Egypt.

This gem represents all elements (or Akasha which is the combination of Earth, Air, Fire and Water). It helps to harmonize all the Chakra.

Your stone is an all around healer that operates on a spiritual level. It affects your entire body and helps you to feel more at home in your own skin. It promotes peace and love.

This gem also helps you to understand yourself and your path in life so you can act rather than react and be yourself in any situation.

It is excellent for enhancing all types of psychic abilities and psychic skills including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling and telekinesis

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