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Hand crafted Body Jewelry

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Please be sure to follow the aftercare instructions that you were given and ensure that your new
body jewelry has been cleaned properly before you wear it. 

Amethyst and Swarovski crystal body belly ring jewelry hand made

Amethyst Swarovski Body Jewelry
BJAM1 - Measures just over 2 inches
Was: $12.50
ON SALE $9.00

A beautiful Amethyst nugget rests daintily below a dazzling Swarovski crystal.  This beautiful belly button dangly has been made using 3/8 surgical steel and the dangle has been hand crafted using sterling silver wire.  2 rich purple swarovski sit on the top and bottom of this belly ring creating a regal look.  The top of the belly ring screws into place.  (That purple thing going across the ring? Is actually a floral that fell into the photograph and not a part of the jewelry.)

Amethyst is considered to be the stone of "St. Valentine" as he reputedly wore an Amethyst ring engraved with the image of Cupid. Ancient Greeks believed it was the stone of sobriety - protecting against drunkenness.  This stone was often used in the creation of goblets to guard against the properties of wine.   Legend tells that Amethysta, a beautiful maiden, attracted the unwelcome attention of Bacchus (the God of Wine).  Diana, the Virgin Goddess of the hunt, saved Amethysta by turning her into a gleaming gemstone - henceforward all would behave in a restrained manner in her "presence". 

In Egypt, soldiers went into battle with Amethyst so they would not lose their courage.  Amethyst is also considered the stone of Buddha and is commonly known found in Buddhist prayer beads (found in Tibet).  In Africa is is considered a "rain making" stone and dropped into water by medicine women and men.  Amethyst is used as a protection stone against technological pollutants (such as nagging telephones and faxes, and eye strain when using the computer).  Keep it near you as you work (but not near the sun or it can fade in the rays). 

Amethyst is a powerful psychic enhancer and if you keep it under your pillow at night it will help bring peace while you dream.  It has a high spiritual vibration that keeps you safe from psychic attacks and turning the negative energy into positive.  If you seek higher states of consciousness and meditation, this stone may work wonders with you.  During meditations Amethyst helps to turn thoughts away from the mundane into tranquility and deeper understanding.  It is a stone of new ideas.  Amethyst also assists in memory and improving motivation - a stone of centering that dispels negative emotions.  It can also help to increase your intuition which may increase your personal luck. Amethyst eases headaches and releases tension in the wearer.  Amethyst also helps to cleanse the aura.

Butterfly belly ring hand made body jewelry Butterfly Pink Swarovski Body Jewelry
BJBU1 - Measures just under 1 1/2 inches
Was: $10.00
ON SALE $8.00

This lovely belly button dangly has been made using 3/8 surgical steel and the top of the belly ring screws into place. There are 2 beautiful pink swarovski crystals that simply dazzle when the light hits them.

Below the ring dangles a charming butterfly that is made of sterling and lead free pewter.  This butterfly is very ornate and you can see both the front and the back of its wings.

Celtic cross body jewelry belly ring

Celtic Cross Body Jewelry
BJBCC1 - Measures just over 1 1 /2 inches long
WAS: $9.00
ON SALE: $5.00

This lovely belly button dangly has been made using 3/8 surgical steel. Dangling below a light blue crystal sits an ornate sterling lead free pewter Celtic Cross. 

This Celtic cross is quite ornate and has designs on both sides.  Tiny little knots adorn this cross with great beauty.

The top of the belly ring is a single steel ball that screws into place.

Ocean goddess belly ring body jewelry with pearls and a celtic knot Celtic Sea Goddess Body Jewelry
BJPCK1 - Measures just over 2 inches
Was: $12.75
ON SALE $9.00

At the bottom of this incredible body adornment rests an ornate Celtic knot.  This knot is made of a mix of sterling silver and lead free pewter.  A single purple Mother of Pearl bead rests quietly above this beautiful charm.

This beautiful belly button dangly has been made using 3/8 surgical steel and the dangle has been hand crafted using sterling silver wire. The top of the belly ring screws into place and there are 2 brilliant swarovski crystals.

In a variety of cultures, Mother of Pearl is associated with the "Sea Mothers".

In Peru, this pearl is sacred to "Mother Sea" or the Whale Goddess.  She was first worshipped by the Incas and has since been held dear to those living along the coast.

Mother of Pearl helps to bring prosperity into your home and workplace. It also helps to keep both young and old protected.

Wicked Stones is not be liable for any consumer claims made against our company due to improper use of our body jewelry. The wearer accepts full responsibility for the proper and safe and use of any products purchased from Wicked Stones.  Treat your body as the shrine that it is.  :-)

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