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Gemstone Jewelry on Sale

Abalone shell wire wrap necklace for calming stress and protection Abalone Shell  - Sterling Silver wire wrap
Protection - Calming energy during times of stress - Staying focused
ABWW - 2 1/2 inches long
ON SALE - WAS $36.00

The camera just does not capture the true and amazing beauty that this piece of Abalone shell really has.  It is a thick piece of shell that measures over 1/4 inch wide so it has a lot of durability and you'll be able to wear it with no worries.  The back of this shell has the natural outer casing of soft flowing browns that almost look like a lava flow of colours and textures.  The front (as the photo shows) has intense blues, greens and pinks that are simply... oh... amazing!!  It is so very smooth to the touch and is a soothing journey for your fingers to take.

The wire is used is sterling silver. 

Shells are a part of the water flow of the Earth itself. They help you to feel more attuned to the ebb and flow of life (like the waves in the ocean). They also help you to feel more focused and in-tune with things around you and keep calm during times of emotional stress.

Shells are protective - think about the creature that lives inside shells - they are soft bodied and need these outer surfaces in order to keep them safe. They create armor against the rest of their world in order to keep them protected..

Clear Fluorite with Green and Purple - Sterling Silver Wire Wrap Clear Fluorite with Green and Purple - Sterling Silver Wire Wrap
Adding power to other stones - Lowers Stress - Protection - Drawing out  Negative Energy
5FLUW - 1 inch long by almost 3/4 inch wide
WAS: $36.00
ON SALE $30.00

The colours in this stone are really amazing! You can see the multi shaded banding that jolt across the clear areas of your stone, creating a very soothing pattern.  Greens and purples dance together, smoothed to a silky soft finish.  It is such a pretty gem.  Your polished Fluorite has been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Fluorite is considered to be the "home of the rainbows" and helps to teach responsibility and draw out negative energy.  It is an excellent protection stone on a psychic level and helps to ground you and make you feel as if you feet are solid on the ground.  This stone can help you to discern when outside influences are at work within yourself and shut down psychic manipulation and undue mental influence. It also helps to stabilize and aura and is extremely effective against electromagnetic stress.  It is also good for building intuition and helping your mind to absorb new information.  Fluorite helps to lower the levels of tension around you and absorb negative or "panic" vibes.  It is also a great stone for meditation.  It helps to dissolve fixed patterns of behavior and gently opens the door to the subconscious bringing suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution.  

Clear Fluorite works with the crown chakra in energizing the aura.   It helps to align all the chakra and bring universal energy into your work.   If you are working with other stones, this gem can assist by enhancing the other crystals during healing.

Purple Fluorite is particularly helpful to stimulate the third eye and imparts common sense to psychic communications.

Green Fluorite is especially helpful when trying to ground excess energy and work through emotional trauma - it does this by releasing the energy surrounding the situation.  This type of stone can help you to tap into your subconscious mind to work with your intuition skills.  It helps to remove auric, mental and charka obsolete conditioning that you no longer need in your life.

Leopard Jasper wire wrap amulet Leopard Jasper Wire Wrap - Sterling silver wire
Will power - Regeneration - Bring changes - Animal strengths
2LEOP - just over 3/4 inch long by 1/2 wide
WAS: $25.00
ON SALE $20.00

There are so many amazingly beautiful patterns and natural colours that adorn this pretty gemstone.  It is fully polished can be worn facing any direction.  When looking at it, I just can't pick my favorite side as there is so much to see! Circles of earthy reds, darker whisking areas of brown and black and then these amazing earthy pink sections doted with tiny circles and patterns! WOW!  Sitting right on top of your stone is a single sterling silver bead that adds just a touch of majesty to the piece. 

In Ancient time, Leopard Skin Jasper was considered a Shaman's Stone as it connected with the wisdom of the spiritual power of totem animals.  It was often used (combined with wild cat teeth) for Otherworld travel.

Leopard Jasper is a stone of regeneration and will power.   It can also help bring to you the things that you need - not the things that you want.

This type of Jasper can also help connect you with the power of the four winds and archetypal animal strengths.  Use if for astral travel while you ride on the back of a wild cat or for amplifying communication with your own feline.   Leopard skin Jasper also helps the wearer connect with his or her power animal totems. 

Black lava wire wrap pendant Black Lava - Sterling silver wire wrap
Strength - Stability during times of change - Grounding Energy - Protection
LAVA4 - 1 1/2 inches long by 3/4 inches wide
WAS $32.00
SALE PRICE: $25.00

Powerfully rich and dark, your Lava pendant has a lot to offer.   You can see from the photo that there are a lot of places that the tips of your fingers are going to be spending hours of enjoyment.  This piece of black lava has incredible textures!  The wire is used is sterling silver.

Lava is similar to Obsidian (they have both originated from volcanoes) but Lava did not come in contact with the water. Instead it traveled across the earth. This type of stone has a unique surface that is covered in tiny holes where air bubbles escaped during its journey into becoming cool.

Hawaiian myth says that Lava is actually the tears of Pele (the Goddess of Fire, Volcanoes and Magic.). It is a stone of great strength and stability during times of change. It helps you to dissipate anger and reach for inner guidance and understanding. It is a good grounding gem to keep your feet on the ground. It also connects you to our planet and Mother Earth. Lava is also a stone of swift change that assists when taking action towards your long sought goals in life. At work, Lava protects you from negative energy that can be around you.

Natural agate geode sterling silver wire wrap Natural Geode - Sterling Silver Wire wrap
Protection - Problem solving - Decision Making
GNWW2 - over 1 1/4 inches long
WAS: $30.00
SALE PRICE: $24.00

A sea of crystals lays hidden deep inside this incredibly exquisite geode.  These colours are natural - the brown golden hues are what Mother Nature fell in love with when she made this stunning gemstone.   Soft winding patterns enfold this stone as if it were trying to hug the crystals tighter to keep them safe.  It is simply beautiful.

The back of the geode is natural (just like you would find if the stone was in the ground - the front has been polished to a glimmering smooth shine.   The wire is used is sterling silver. 

Ancient Egyptians thought that geodes were the eggs of birds.  They are Goddess Symbols.  It is the ultimate shamans stone as geodes help to bring visions and altered states of consciousness. Geodes help you when you are trying to make decisions in life and are especially helpful for students or anyone with analytical pursuits such as math and science. They are great for helping you to concentrate through those tough homework problems. 

Geodes have a cave like center that holds energy and releases it slowly for the wearer.  They are wonderful protection amulets, aid in spiritual growth and can assist you during Astral Travel.

Dyed agate pendant with a sterling silver peace charm wire wrap Agate Peace Charm Wire Wrap
Protection - Luck - Prosperity - Grounding Energy - Balance
APC1 - The entire pendant measures over 1 1/2 inches long
ON SALE - Was $30.00

There is so much going on with the colours and banding of this delicate agate.  The colours are earth greens that flame up to a vibrant orange red shade - and yes, they are dyed to create these wonderful hues.  You can see the bandings that whoosh right up the stone.  The top of your pendant has a tiny sterling spiral to accent all this beauty and below, hangs a sterling silver peace charm.

It has been wrapped using sterling silver wire.

Agates help the wearer feel protected and is especially powerful for children.  If you are in need of a bit of luck? An agate may just be what you need.  They help to bring about prosperity.

Agates also help to ground you (make you feel as if you have both feet on the ground) and helps to center your mind and emotions.   Basically they help to balance the Yin and Yang. In ancient Egypt, Agates were used to make the famous Scarabs that are found in the tombs of royalty



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