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Wicked Stones - Handcrafted gemstone jewelry, Gems for your pets, Mirror Magic, Quartz crystal point jewelry, Agate slices, Geodes, charka jewelry,healing gemstones,pagan and wicca jewelry, worry stones, gemstone earrings and more.  Located in Sudbury Ontario, Canada - prices in Canadian funds.

Hand made Healing Gemstone Jewelry - New Age Treasures - Gifts from the Earth

We have been in business since 1999 - Thank you everyone!

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Hand crafted healing gemstone jewelry - Pendants, necklaces and wire wrap

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Wicked Stones
Vikki Soros & Family
Sudbury Ontario - Canada

Online since 1999 and still kicking :)








A little hello from our team members..

Welcome to Wicked Stones :) We're a family of rock lovers who are located in the heart of beautiful Northern Ontario, Canada.  We're real live down to earth behind that computer monitor you are looking at right now and our website hosts the treasures we have fallen in love with and want to pass along to you. 

Our website and business (Wicked Stones) has been in existence since 1999 and we have plans to be around for many years to come. I have noticed recently that there is a second online business using the same name as ours - please be assured that we are a Canadian registered business and we have not given the rights to sell our products on any other website or blog using our name.  Products that you purchase from our business are hand crafted (or picked) by our creative team and each and everyone one of our policies are upheld with honor.   We are proudly Canadian and incredibly appreciative to ALL our clients who have been with us almost 2 decades now - YOU ROCK!! Your support has been awesome and we thank you!

Now, back to business  :)   As you peek around in our site, you will find a beautiful selection of both polished, natural and unpolished stones.  Many of these gems are found for their beauty and incredible healing powers.  I try to include a write up that will help you to find what you are seeking but if you are still searching for a particular gem? Why not send us an email and we'll do our best to help you out. 

Since we are Canadian, our products are in Canadian dollars - so keep that in mind when shopping. If you are located outside of our country, please use this link to compare the current dollar exchange rate.  (A new window will open that you can use). We do ship to other countries.

Thanks for visiting... and may the remainder of your day be filled with love, happiness and joy.

We're also located on Pinterest: Wicked Stones and once and a while I do ramble on our blog site:  Wicked Stones Blog